Introducing Team Breakfast!

Meet Team Breakfast The GameSync Overwatch Challenger League is proud to introduce Team Breakfast, our first Overwatch team! Team Breakfast met and was formed at the meetup on Monday April 3rd. Led by captain Oatmealqt#1543, Team Breakfast is looking for a worthy...

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G2: A Bandwagon Team Worth Watching

Kronovi is one of the first names people hear after getting into Rocket League, and for a good reason. While he may not be the most consistent player, he is one of the flashiest, and arguably, the best Rocket League player. So it comes as no surprise that his team,...

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ESL Allows VAC-Banned Players to Compete

ESL has recently made a change to their rules which allows players who have received a VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) Ban to play in ESL events, as long as two years have passed since the ban’s issue date. However, they have remained firm on the ban of the former iBUYPOWER...

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The Decline of Swedish Dominance in CS:GO

Swedish teams have been the dominant force in Counter-Strike for over a decade. Prior to the Dreamhack Cluj-Napoca 2015 Major, Swedish teams had achieved first or second place in every CS:GO Major tournament. Ninjas in Pyjamas were finalists in the first five majors...

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Astralis Take to the Stars and Win ELEAGUE 2017

January 29th was a historic day for Astralis fans when the Danish team triumphed over in the Grand Final match of the ELEAGUE Major in Atlanta. Led by in-game leader gla1ve, Astralis pulled off a 2-1 win over the Polish giants in one of the closest Grand...

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Gambit eSports: Unseen Legends

When Counter-Strike fans think of the top 8 teams in the world, many will forget to include the CIS team that’s loaded with potential: Gambit eSports. Gambit eSports is looking stronger than ever this week at the ELEAGUE major in Atlanta, Georgia. The members of...

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Meet & Hang With The Staff of J!NX Clothing

Friday, March 13th, J!NX, one of the biggest gaming gear companies in the world, was live and in person for the first time at GameSync to celebrate the launch of J!NX Boss Battle and they gave away loots! They were around from 6pm - 9pm and many stopped by, said...

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Counter-Strike: A Beginner’s Guide

The bomb has been planted! Counter-Strike has been regarded the worlds #1 online  through it's various incarnations. The game revolves around two teams. The Terrorists, and the Counter-Terrorists. In the game's most popular, and competitive mode, The terrorists must...

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A Game Of Inches

"What can I do to improve?" is the most asked question on the League of Legends forums. People think there are a few magical tricks that can instantly turn them into Diamond players. This isn't the case. In any game, the good players are separated from the great...

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The Next Level. Part 2: Gain or Greed?

Greetings everyone, in this next part, we will be talking about how to maximize your time in the laning phase and how to maximize your gain over your greed. The main focus of this article will be to explain how important your creep score is, and how going deep for a...

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World Championship 2014 Season Four: Group Stage

The stage is set, the groups are revealed and World’s most played MOBA leagues of legends has come up with the biggest e-Sports event of the year, The League of legends Season Four World Championship 2014. The first world championship was played three years earlier in...

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The Next Level. Part 1: Awareness

Hey everyone, James here. I'd like to welcome you all to a new series about taking your skill to the next level. In this part we will talk about In-game awareness. Awareness is one of the most important things to learn and improve on, but it is a skill you continually...

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Solo Queue Mentality

As in the real world, in Solo Queue players always have a mentality of their own. Even Toxic Players have one. What a mentality is pretty much a way of thinking. In Solo Queue your mentality can make you a better player, or make you a worse one. Here are some examples...

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Escaping “Elo Hell” at Bronze/Silver

Elo Hell is a pretty common topic nowadays, to me it's a division where you're visibly better than everyone else but not better enough to single-handedly carry them. Then you start complaining about how bad your teams are and what not. Thing is, even if they are bad,...

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