The Benefits of Launching a Next-Gen Grand Theft Auto V

It’s already a well-established fact that Grand Theft Auto V is one of the best-selling video games in history, but things are about to take an even more interesting turn by the end of this year. Six months ago, GTA V already broke the 30-million shipped items figure...

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Borderlands 2

This humor-filled, action-adventure game from Gearbox Software combines the best elements of role playing games, like character building, experience points, and rewards from building up skill trees, with a first-person shooter perspective. Characteristic gameplay...

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Civilization V: Brave New World

This is an expansion pack for the highly praised, turn-based, strategy video game that allows you to build world empires from prehistoric times into the future on Windows and Mac platforms. Culture and Diplomacy The focus with this expansion pack is on culture and...

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The Novelist: A New Non-combat Story-based Game

Available on both Windows and Mac platforms, the Novelist presents a thoughtful, contemplative, and realistic approach to gameplay. It was designed and developed by Kent Hudson. Ghostly Perspective As a silently sentient phantom presence you haunt a 1970’s family...

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Elder Scrolls Online To Be Released 4/4/14 on PC and MAC

Bethesda has developed completely new major game systems to bring to you an online version of The Elder Scrolls that remains familiar but renovated with thousands of hours of new content. Combat is said to be more exciting and responsive and past quest issues have...

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Keeping an Eye on Gamescom 2013 Coverage

As you likely already know, Gamescom 2013 is this week in Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Gamecom is a huge international video games trade fair, and this is often the place where titles available for the holiday season for announced. Gamescom 2013 is no...

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Turning Video Games Into Movies

Ever since J.J. Abrams talked about Half-Life and Portal being adapted into a movie (which, is super exciting), it seems like we're entering this new age of video game movies. Granted, people have tried to turn video games into movies for a long time (take a look at...

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Lightning Returns…But She’s a Bit Different

So with the Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII comes the option to dress Lightning in a variety of costumes, which I admit is really cool. The game will allow players to customize Lightning as they wish, whether it be her actual look, her weapons, or her battle...

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A Brief History of Final Fantasy

Anyone else excited for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII? Or Final Fantasy XV? I know I am. The Final Fantasy games are widely known and amazingly popular, being the most successful franchise for Square Enix. That's quite a feat, considering how it started. Shaky...

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Can Video Games Be Art?

I'm going to go down a very interesting, slightly controversial road with this one. It's been discussed before, but it's relevant in this interesting space and time of video gaming. As video games are becoming more and more cinematic and as video games are added to...

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The Zombie Apocalypse In Video Games

With the release of The Last of Us, it's pretty clear that the zombie obsession is still going strong. Zombies seem to be everywhere - in movies (World War Z anyone?), shows (The Walking Dead), in books, and definitely in video games. While zombies are nowhere near...

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GameSync’s First League of Legends Tournament

Yesterday, June 22nd, GameSync hosted it's very first League of Legends tournament. With a short 1-week notice we somehow rounded up over 25 players to play, which we think is a smash-hit!  Everyone who attended the event seemed to be having a blast even if they were...

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Is World of Warcraft Releasing Content Too Quickly?

World of Warcraft is the most popular MMORPG on the market today, and for a lot of good reasons. They have a top-notch team of programmers, they have people who are devoted to the game and to Blizzard Entertainment, and they have very, very good Public Relations. If...

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Games Can Tell Stories

On a panel at University of Southern California, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg had some interesting thoughts about the nature of video gaming, stating that video games can't really have a plot and that players can't really care about the video game characters. I...

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Why is Blizzard Delaying Titan?

Blizzard Entertainment is one of those companies that has a sort of cult following. If you play one game from Blizzard, you’ve probably tried several. Everyone knows World of Warcraft, but you also hear about games such as the original Warcraft series, the Diablo...

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Game Distribution – Physical or Digital?

Is digital game distribution taking over buying traditional hard copies? Downloading is easy. I can open iTunes and download a movie, install a game from Steam, or buy the Halo 4 soundtrack (I still prefer Martin O'Donnell, but Neil Davidge did a fantastic job with...

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The Xbox One Reveal: Why PC Gamers Should Care

Microsoft’s recent unveiling of the Xbox One revealed a device intended to push the definition of “console”. In fact, it isn’t even officially being called a console; instead the official language calls it an entertainment system. Microsoft hopes that they can entice...

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