1stplaceGameSync is seeking community participation and volunteers who are passionate about our project. We feel it’s time for someone to step up and create a large and successful gaming community owned and operated by true enthusiasts and we’re taking on the challenge. Here’s how you can help:

  • Wear a gaming t-shirt to help spread the word.
  • Like and share our facebook and twitter streams with others.
  • Pass out our flyers to everyone you know (adults all know kids who love to game!) and/or drop off flyers at your local GameStop, comic/board game shop, or other business.
  • Come in and bring friends to hang out and play (you’ll get a free hour for each friend you refer). Be sure to let them know about our discounts.
  • Contact local clan members for your favorite games and invite them over. We’ll give them (and you) free time!
  • Contact local schools and organizations, such as Boy Scouts.  We pay commission for each private event you set up!
  • Volunteer at GameSync.  Tasks include data entry, social media marketing, updating game software, cleaning, etc.  If you like tech repair, volunteer at San Diego PC Help (our sister company next door).
  • Donate game posters/artwork for our walls or hardware (video cards, power supplies, hard drives/SSD, cases, NAS, networking etc.) or sponsor tournament prizes.
  • Write an interesting article on any subject related to gaming for our blog!
  • Leave us a review on Yelp, Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Host a birthday party, your own tournament, or a private event (we’ll work out special pricing for you).
  • Help us keep our youtube/vimeo accounts populated with great videos!  You can even film and produce at GameSync!
  • Create a video for a kickstarter fundraising campaign.

Please call or email us at info@gamesync.us or message us at http://facebook.com/GameSyncGaming. Thank you for supporting our vision for a brighter LAN center future. We are sincerely very grateful to you!

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