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  • FREE: Membership
  • FREE: LANpoints card with one point included
  • FREE: 7 or 10 hour day pass when you earn ten points
  • FREE: Your first hour of gaming with a new account
  • FREE: Receive an additional hour for each new member you refer
  • STUDENTS & MILITARY: Show your ID and receive 5% off
  • FREE TO USE: Gunnar Optiks Pro Eyewear
  • FREE & purchased hours never expire
  • There are also other ways to save: check out our deals page
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Ask for a FREE LANpoints card & earn points for a FREE day pass!

Individual Gaming

  • Our regular hourly walk-in rate

GameSync eSports Team Gaming

  • Save 18% off the regular rate
  • For casual & serious eSports teams. Learn more
  • Entire team must buy the same amount of time together

Day Pass (7 or 10 Hours)

  • Save 18% off the regular rate
  • Pass expires 24 hours after you first activate it
“My experience with League at your place was beyond what I expected.  Great frame rate and ping times to the NA server.  Keep up the good work, guys!” Jason Scott

Favorite game: League of Legends

“You guys are the only choice in town and a great one at that!! Thank you for creating a place where I can go on a regular basis and always feel welcome. Will definitely help spread the word.” Jacob Freeman

Favorite Game: Counter-Strike


Buy a shirt, get a free hour

GameSync’s graphics team have come up with the perfect shirt to proudly wear. It’s so soft and comfortable, you won’t want to take it off.

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Birthday Parties & Private Events

You bring the guests, we bring the excitement with no worries to you!

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Free Stickers

A very cool sticker design is available to you for free.

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Student Discounts

Receive a discount on individual gaming with a valid Student ID.

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We pride ourselves on a selection of hand-picked, delicious snacks to keep you fueled up during intense game play. Our inventory is changing, and while not all items below may be available at all times, check back regularly for new and updated items. Please click on a tab to learn more.

Slim Jim Monster Slim Jim Doritos Sunchips Corn nuts Pringles Rice Crispy Treats Lays- Beef Jerky Corn Nuts Ranch Corn Nuts BBQ Rice Crispy Treat


Original Sunchips French Onion Sunchips Monster Slim Jim Harvest Cheddar Sunchips Original Pringles Sour Cream and Onion Pringles Classic Lays BBQ Lays Nacho Doritos Cool Ranch Doritos Cheeze Itz

SodaRockstar pepsi mountain dew monster

Pepsi Mexico Pepsi Throwback 16 oz Wild Cherry Pepsi 16 oz Mountain Dew 16 oz Mountain Dew Throwback 16 oz Mountain Dew Code Red 16 oz Mountain Dew Voltage 16 oz Monster Monster Low Carb Rockstar Fruit Punch


York andesAndes 3 Musketeers Butterfinger Crunch Rolos Reece’s Fast Break Candy selection snickers buttefinger almond joy reeces piecesReece’s Pieces Reece’s Big cup Snickers Wachamacallits Milky Way M&Ms Peppermint Patties Twix Heath Hershy Bar Hershy Almond Bar Kit Kat

Fruit Candy

Crunch-BarStarburst Now And Later Skittles Sour Straws AirHeads Sweedish Fish

More ChoicesHealthy Snack Choices arrowhead cliff bar frappuccino mocha peace tea

Trail Mix Granola Bar Cliff Bar Peace Tea Rasberry Peace Tea Sweet lemon tea Peace Tea + Lemonade Starbucks Frappichino Mocha Arrowhead Water Bottles

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