Walk-In Rates

Open late. Student/Military Discount Available with Valid ID

Benefits of Playing at GameSync Include:

Gaming with friends & others is much more enjoyable than sitting at home


Playing in the same room yields better communication between team members

It’s the best way to find teammates for tournaments or to practice/scrim together

Making new friends who share the same hobby is incredibly valuable and rewarding

“My experience with League at your place was beyond what I expected.  Great frame rate and ping times to the NA server.  Keep up the good work, guys!”

Jason Scott

Favorite game: League of Legends

“You guys are the only choice in town and a great one at that!! Thank you for creating a place where I can go on a regular basis and always feel welcome. Will definitely help spread the word.”

Jacob Freeman

Favorite Game: Counter-Strike

ggCircuit Coin & Tournament System: Stack Your Rewards!

  • Join a never ending redemption & global competition system
  • Earn 50 coins for every hour you play at GameSync
  • Earn even more coins by playing in tournaments & ladder cups
  • Redeem your coins for prizes, concessions, or entry into events
  • Certain titles offer additional coins for in-game performance
  • All prizes in our prize vault are available to redeem with coins
  • Stackable with our LANPoints card for even more savings

Earn a FREE Day Pass!

  • Purchase a 4 hour block of time and receive a point
  • FREE 7 or 10 hour day pass when you earn ten points
  • FREE point included when you ask for a card
  • FREE points are given away on our forums and live chat.
  • Upgrade from 7 to 10 hours! Leave us a review, take a photo of your filled out card and share it online, and post on our forums.
  • Keep it in your wallet or on your fridge as a reminder
  • Stackable with ggCircuit coin reward system


FREE to Use: Gunnar Eyewear

Try on a pair of these optically precise, image enlarging gaming glasses – they’re the same ones worn by the pros. Gunnars also block harsh blue light and glare so your eyes can finally relax. They’re free to use – ask for them when you check in.

Snacks & Drinks (List Coming Soon)

Enjoy your matches hassle and worry-free in our arena.

No longer will you have to deal with these common issues:

Drastic lag/ping spikes

Random FPS drops/skipped frames

Blue screens


Patching errors


Mouse/keyboard/sound problems

Frequent disconnections

Memory leaks

These and other problems can render the game literally unplayable and cause endless frustration. Our state-of-the-art rigs, maintained daily, run perfectly.

Save On Discounted Gaming Gear!

FREE! Join Our Gaming Club.

Be notified of tournaments, giveaways, access to exclusive events & more.

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