Experience one of the highest quality game centers in the world at an affordable price! Note: all proceeds go directly back into the company to invest in the latest hardware, more stations and games. Prices below do not include sales tax.

Individual Gaming

A membership is required to access our game center.  GameSync Sticker BlackReceive your first hour of gaming on us with a new account. Receive an additional free hour for each new guest you refer. There are also other ways to save: check out our deals page and look for emails from us on specials and promotions.

  • Initial membership (one time fee) …. FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME
  • Hourly …$5.66

Group/Team Gaming

For six or more people. Group must check in together and order the same amount of time (minimum 2 hours) to receive the discounted rate.

  • Hourly …$4.63

Day Pass

Enjoy a full day of gaming bliss! Our most popular option includes seven continuous hours (valid for one day only).

  • 7 hours…. $32.41

FREE Hour Of Gaming With T-Shirt

GameSync T-Shirt Bug StylePurchase a GameSync t-shirt and receive a FREE hour of gaming on us.

Military Discount

Receive 10% off individual gaming with a valid Military ID (active, non-active, and reservists are all valid).

Student Discount

Receive 10% off individual gaming with a current, valid student ID.

Minecraft After-School Program

Our most popular game, Minecraft is linked to our own private, locally hosted and administered server for a safe, fun experience.

  • Hourly (2pm-7pm) … $5.66

Birthday Parties & Private Events

birthday-party-balloons-in-reception-roomAs San Diego’s only high-tech gaming arena, we aim to please (check out our Yelp reviews). You bring the guests, we bring the excitement with no worries to you! We’re open year-round and your event can occur on any day/time. Our schedule fills up fast so book early. You’ll have the venue all to yourself (which includes multiple game arenas, a place for food and drinks and for parents to relax or enjoy some classic console games). We also offer everyone a unique opportunity to enter live repair labs and briefly learn about technology at our sister company “San Diego PC Help.”

For pricing and options, click here.  To learn about Minecraft parties, click here.

Personal Training

Get a private one-on-one with a game specialist!  We can help you improve your skills with a wide range of titles. For example, in World of Warcraft, master popular classes such as Hunter, Warlock and Palladin and styles of play such as Player vs. Player (pvp) and Raid Groups. For individuals and groups.

  • Hourly … $32.41 (includes 1-2 people and a special discounted rate for pay-to-play gaming once the training session is over. Contact us for larger group rates).

Business Conference / Meeting / Training Room Rental

Our game center doubles as a business conference/training and meeting room and can also be used for networking events, workspace/research, celebrations, launch/promo events, photo/film shoots or a computer lab. Whether you require a productive place for your team or a tech-enabled conference area for a training event, our facility is available to you on an hourly basis or by the day. With full amenities that include a snack and beverage area, full-service on-site IT staff to support your event, a dedicated in-room washroom, high speed + wireless internet access, LCD TV and more, we’re sure to fit the needs of nearly any business looking for a high-tech, professional venue to engage your customers.  If you have specialty software or other custom needs, we setup and configure our workstations (and servers) to your requirements. Bonus: take a break and play a game during or after the event – our game coach can show your group how it’s done!

To request a price quote, kindly send us an email or call us to discuss your specific needs.


We pride ourselves on a selection of hand-picked, delicious snacks to keep you fueled up during intense game play. Our inventory is changing, and while not all items below may be available at all times, check back regularly for new and updated items.

Slim Jim

Monster Slim Jim Doritos Sunchips Corn nuts Pringles Rice Crispy Treats Lays-

Beef Jerky

Corn Nuts Ranch

Corn Nuts BBQ

Rice Crispy Treat


Original Sunchips

French Onion Sunchips Monster Slim Jim

Harvest Cheddar Sunchips

Original Pringles

Sour Cream and Onion Pringles

Classic Lays

BBQ Lays

Nacho Doritos

Cool Ranch Doritos

Cheeze Itz

More ChoicesHealthy Snack Choices arrowhead cliff bar frappuccino mocha peace tea

Trail Mix

Granola Bar

Cliff Bar

Peace Tea Rasberry

Peace Tea Sweet lemon tea

Peace Tea + Lemonade

Starbucks Frappichino Mocha

Arrowhead Water Bottles


SodaRockstar pepsi mountain dew monster

Pepsi Mexico

Pepsi Throwback 16 oz

Wild Cherry Pepsi 16 oz

Mountain Dew 16 oz

Mountain Dew Throwback 16 oz

Mountain Dew Code Red 16 oz

Mountain Dew Voltage 16 oz


Monster Low Carb

Rockstar Fruit Punch




York andesAndes

3 Musketeers




Reece’s Fast Break

Candy selection snickers buttefinger almond joy reeces piecesReece’s Pieces

Reece’s Big cup



Milky Way


Peppermint Patties



Hershy Bar

Hershy Almond Bar

Kit Kat



Now And Later


Sour Straws


Sweedish Fish