Birthdays & Private Events

Who’s Having Their Party At GameSync? The Coolest Kids (Thanks To The Coolest Parents!)

Imagine the ultimate birthday party for your gamer kids – where you can sit back, relax and know everyone is having a great time. Playing at GameSync is exciting and offers an engaging experience, whether cooperative, leadership/team-building or competitive.

We’re the only high-tech arena in all of San Diego and we aim to please with this unique service!

Kid Tested and Parent Approved

We are very grateful to our guests who have offered their experiences on our Yelp Page (every review is 5-stars). Examples:

“We just had my son’s 8th Birthday party at Gamesync and it was “awesome!!”…his words AND ours! My son chose a Minecraft party and it was completely interactive with all of them in the same virtual world but at different stations.  It was really fun to listen to them playing with each other! The staff was great too…knowledgeable and good with the kids. And as for easy and no hassle….you can’t go wrong here.”

A A. (San Diego)

2/23/14, Yelp Review

“Thanks so much for helping me throw “the best birthday party ever” according to my 10-year-old son. All the boys really had a great time at Gamesync. The staff went over and above to get everyone logged on and playing what they wanted. Even teaching them how to acquire new swords and other Minecraft strategies. For the party planner (me), they were very responsive, informative, helpful and an overall pleasure to work with to make the party a huge success. Thank you!!!”

Cynthia K. (Carlsbad)

2/13/14, Yelp Review

“We celebrated my son’s 11th birthday in GameSync Gaming Center today. We had 10 guests including my son. They all loved the game choices and the ambience there. The staffs are amazing. We received an exceptional customer service. They were very polite and patient. They helped us with setting up and cleaning up as well.”

Sonia O. (San Diego)

2/22/14, Yelp Review

minecraft diamond sword with characterMinecraft Birthday: A Brilliant Idea

Do you have a Minecraft kid in your house? Choose this game for an exciting group session where kids can build objects, solve puzzles and explore endless possibilities. Our private on-premise server means they’re free from the dangers associated with the public Internet such as abusive language or inappropriate game actions taken by malicious people.


You Bring The Guests, We Bring The Fun!

  • With thousands of game choices, we have something for everyone
  • Our own proprietary party facility is unique in the world
  • Enjoy in comfort and style at our decorated gaming arena
  • Our server and enterprise network ensures lightning fast speed
  • Flexible packages and pricing options make putting together your event easy and hassle-free

Included With Your Party

We offer a variety of unique features with every event.

Unlimited Access To “The Crown Jewel Of LAN Centers”

Featuring the best in gaming hardware and peripherals, and built by a team of passionate gamers and experienced technicians, the GameSync arena is considered among the finest in the world.

Private, On-Premise Server

Our facility includes an on-premise dedicated 64-bit Minecraft server built and run by our experts. With a private server, limitless creativity becomes possible and a whole new world opens itself. However, kids who use public internet servers are exposed to inappropriate language and/or malicious users who try and “kill” them. We’ve heard numerous stories from parents whose children became very upset and even shed tears after being mistreated while on public servers. Our platform offers a safe haven and has many other benefits.

Note: we have other server titles available in addition to Minecraft, such as CounterStrike and Team Fortress 2.

GSWorld: A Breathtaking Minecraft Environment

Thousands of hours of ongoing development have resulted in GSWorld, an original creation only available at GameSync. Build, play & explore in a custom map no Minecrafter has seen online. Featuring unique structures, tasks and mini-games built by both our staff and customers, GSWorld is in a state of continuous evolution. Features include:

  • Puzzles – test your problem solving skills
  • Adventure – follow a story and role play as you work towards your goal
  • Creative  - roam around amazing structures & iconic characters
  • Parkour – be challenged by jumping puzzles, traps & mazes
  • Redstone – programmable tiles allow for myriad possibilities

Everyone in your party is more than welcome to play in and contribute to GSWorld. With provided coordinates, we can permanently save anyone’s work for all our present and future players to enjoy.

World’s Greatest Arcade

Experience throwback gaming in a totally mind-blowing way! Try our Ultimate Arcade loaded with over 6,000 classic games. Using a custom interface, select a title using the 8-way HAPP arcade control stick and prepare yourself to have a blast! 1UP/2UP buttons, an LED back lit trackball and a coin operated slot complete the experience. Some of our most popular titles include:

  • Out Run, Altered Beast, Ghouls n’ Ghosts
  • Rampage, The Simpsons
  • Q’Bert, Aero Fighters, Moon Patrol
  • Final Fight, Raiden, Punch-Out!
  • Super Mario Bros., Afterburner 2
  • Marble Madness, Splatter House
  • NBA Jam, Track & Field
  • World Class Bowling, Golden Tee 3D Golf
  • and thousands more!

Gunnar Optiks Pro Gaming Glasses

Used by the pros, Gunnar Optiks professional gaming eyewear reduces eye fatigue and enlarges the image.  Plus they look cool! Available to all participants to use during your event.

Photos Of Your Event

Our photographer will capture the moments using a high quality digital SLR camera, then select the best photos and email them to you. We can also provide all the images taken in a raw, uncompressed format if desired.

Gaming T-Shirt(s)

Thousands of kids all over San Diego are wearing this shirt! Featuring the “bug” version of our logo, the 8″ x 8″ design is printed on high quality 100% cotton “Next Level” brand apparel. It’s super soft and comfortable and is a great keepsake to remember the awesome party.

We have a variety of sizes available including:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • X-Large

Note: quantity of shirts included depend on which package you choose.

FREE Gift: More Gaming For All Your Guests

By inviting guests to participate in the GameSync experience, you are also gifting them with credit towards future game play that can be used after your event is over. Each player will receive two additional free hours (value: $12) which can be used at any time with no expiration date. If 15 players each attend your party, that’s a total value of $180! All for free!

Common Questions

The following are the most frequently asked questions we’ve received over the years. Click on each section to expand the view.

When can I have my party and how long does it last?

We’re open year-round and your event can occur on any day/time. Our schedule fills up fast so book early! You’ll have the venue all to yourself (which includes multiple game arenas, a place for food and drinks and for parents to relax or enjoy some classic console games). We also offer everyone a unique opportunity to enter live repair labs and briefly learn about technology at our sister company “San Diego PC Help.”

How many people can I invite?

Our primary game room supports up to 10 simultaneous players and our adjacent room can accommodate 5 additional participants.  We’ve found that most parties average 10-12 guests plus parents and friends. Our venue can comfortably hold 25 people.

What length of time do you recommend?

A two hour event typically translates into one and a half hours of actual game time (depending on factors such as check-in/setup time, cleanup, any serving of food, cake, etc.) A three hour event has always been our most popular – kids love the extra time and we strongly recommend it! If you would like a more enjoyable experience, please choose a three hour package (or the basic package plus an additonal add-on hour).

What about food and drinks?

Several of our packages include food and beverages, but you are also more than welcome to bring your own or have it delivered. If you choose to purchase from our concessions area, we stock the most popular products for gamers and we offer a 10% discount off the labeled price. Parents often let each guest pick a drink from the fridge – there’s a wide variety to choose from and we’ve installed convenient beverage holders next to each gaming station. If you bring food, please be advised that we do not have refrigeration available.

Can I bring decorations?

Yes. Please allow time before the event if you choose to decorate the space – we can also help you to speed up the process.  We also carry balloons and other decorations at an additional cost – please let us know when making your reservation.

What games do you offer?

Most gamers know what they love to play, and we probably have their favorite titles. We also have fun classics and we offer a variety of categories that range from racing and action to adventure and puzzle games. For a full list please consult our games page.

Can my child play in his Minecraft world with his friends?

minecraft-characterA Minecraft party is our most popular event – it makes for an exciting group session. We offer customized world importing to our server! If you have a customized world, you can access it during the party. Please email it to us as a compressed file, share it with on the cloud (dropbox, onedrive, etc.), bring it in on a USB memory stick or burn to disc before your event so we can install and test it. If you don’t know where the files are stored or how to copy them, please contact us and we’ll be glad to help you. For more on this process, please read our Minecraft page.

Are Minecraft accounts required to play?

The manufacturer of Minecraft requires a paid account in order to play. It must be a PC or Mac account (XBOX, Playstation, iOS or Android will not work). Participants can bring their own account or rent from us for only $5.

What can parents do during the event?

Parents have a unique opportunity to connect with their kids and watch or play along. Parents can also use our WiFi free of charge or choose from over 6,000 classic arcade with games from the 80′s and 90′s on our “World’s Greatest Arcade”.

What can younger children do during the event?

Younger children love Mario!  We have Nintento Wii stations set up for them to play.

Choose A Package

Four different affordable options (named after the various game modes in Minecraft) are available to make your birthday truly exceptional.


All Packages Include These Features:


  • Dedicated time in our venue (known as “the crown jewel of LAN centers”)
  • Unlimited use of our “World’s Greatest Arcade”
  • Professional (kid approved!) game coach who runs your event, answers questions, and provides strategies and tips
  • Private on-premise Minecraft server for a safe, customized multi-player environment (servers for other titles also available)
  • GSWorld: thousands of hours of ongoing development have resulted in a breathtaking Minecraft world to play in
  • Photographer with selected high quality digital SLR photos emailed to you
  • Free to use Gunnar glasses pro-gamers’ eyewear
  • Additional free game time for all participants to use on their own, separate from your event
  • Kids can briefly learn about technology & tour our repair labs at “San Diego PC Help”
  • Receive a discount for 15% off computer/tablet/phone repairs (no expiration)



The entry level pathway into the GameSync experience
  • All of the features listed above, plus:
  • 2 hours of time in our venue including unlimited usage of the gaming Arena
  • 100% cotton gaming shirt for the birthday child


More time at a lower rate, plus pizza and drinks
  • All of the features listed above, plus:
  • 3 hours of time in our venue including unlimited usage of the gaming Arena
  • Pizza for up to 10 guests
  • Variety of beverages for up to 10 guests
  • 100% cotton gaming shirts for up to 10 guests


When nothing but the best will do!
  • All of the features listed above, plus:
  • 4 hours of time in our venue including unlimited usage of the gaming Arena
  • Pizza for up to 15 guests
  • Snack/candy from our concessions for up to 15 guests
  • Variety of beverages for up to 15 guests
  • 100% cotton gaming shirts for up to 15 guests

Still not sure? Try for FREE on us!

If you’re still not convinced that we are the BEST party venue anywhere, bring your kids to Gamesync for a free hour!
Just let the staff know you’re there to check out the facility and have a go.
After you’re done, ask your kids for their opinion. We already know what they’ll say.

What’s The Next Step?

Managing a group of kids can be challenging enough.

If the idea of running a birthday party has you overwhelmed, don’t sweat it – we’ve got you covered.

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