A Small Group of Lifelong Gamers With a Vision

steelseries_at_gamesyncTired of being cooped up in your room? The GameSync fiber LAN (Local Area Network) center is a fun and exciting atmosphere where friends, family, and other like minded individuals can enjoy state-of-the-art gaming in an attractive, social venue. Instead of being alone at home, you now have a place where you can walk in and play with your fellow hobbyists and improve your skills or get competitive by joining an esports team, while utilizing lag-free, tuned hardware and peripherals that simply work. We also cater to kids who love Minecraft and other creative games where they can build and share with others their age. Walk in alone or with friends – we’re probably open right now! Our facility was made for everyone and is friendly and safe.

In 2012, at a time when almost every LAN gaming center in the nation had closed its doors, people said we were crazy to invest in a new, high quality facility. But we defied the odds and smashed through the 1-pixel hitbox (deemed impossible because one pixel lies between another in perfect succession with no space in between). We felt it was time for someone to step up and create a large and successful gaming scene and a business owned and operated by true enthusiasts. We took on the challenge and we’re still doing it, all these years later.


Esports Player Spotlight: Jordan ‘n0thing’ Gilbert

Our dear friend Jordan ‘n0thing’ Gilbert is one of the best Counter-Strike gamers of all time and played competitively with Cloud 9 in tournaments worldwide. As a native San Diegan, Jordan endorses GameSync and our social gaming initiatives. He’s been a vocal supporter of our business since the beginning. Check out Jordan being interviewed by CBS-8 and French TV at GameSync.

Our Partners

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Olaf_475x467Social Gaming Is Better

You have food in your house but you still go out to eat. Similarly, people desire human interaction with games. Social and competitive gaming is the future and we offer it today at GameSync. Our regular customers consistently remark on how a group of players enhance the experience and make it much more fun for everyone. This positive feedback loop (known as the “network effect”) is an experience you can’t get at home.

Not a Cybercafé From the 90’s

GameSync is a purpose-built esports facility. We focus on gamers who want the best possible experience. And our tournaments are DDoS and cheat-free due to the transparent nature of the LAN topology. Our digital infrastructure includes 1 GIG Symmetrical Fiber, arguably the fastest public internet in the county, as well as top-tier Hyper-X peripherals, gaming chairs, and more.

A Special Team of Indie Spirited People

Juggernaut_196x301GameSync is a passion project. Our organization includes competitive gamers that have been involved in numerous gaming scenes for the better part of the last two decades. Quake World CPM, Quake 4, Counter-Strike, Team Fortress (QWTF, TFC, and TF2) – these are all games we know and love. Any competitive gamer, or even game scene follower, knows that these games were or are the real deal. With so many games available, we’ve hand-picked the most popular, as well as the ones you voted we should carry.  Our complete list features numerous titles, from modern hits to older classics. We fully endorse and abide by the ratings set forth from the ESRB.  A minor aged 17 or younger will require parental signature to play M or T Rated Games.

Striving For Perfection

As you would expect, we are tweakers and we demand pixel-perfect frames with every millisecond of input lag shaved off and every mouse movement to be translated with blissful precision. We follow through on this promise with the discipline of combing through documentation for hours on end about every command in every game in our library, while simultaneously getting our configs perfectly optimized. In the end we’re trying to get the best results, and we apply all this effort, time and knowledge directly into the systems you use at GameSync. And our affordable pricing and quality environment makes us a viable and attractive alternative.

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What This Means for You

steelseries_userWe know every setting for optimal performance in games, but not only that, we take care of the inner gaming needs that you didn’t even know you had.  For most people, our setups are over-kill. To us, nothing is over-kill.

We will continue to re-invest in hardware upgrades until the experience you have is so seamless that you literally feel like you are in the game. We want to spread this unique perspective that comes from being lifelong competitive gamers and repair technicians. We hope you’ll notice the positive impacts these changes will make.

A Note of Thanks

We have had many people tell us that they feel GameSync is their second home. Some of our customers are active military here temporarily or are traveling due to work. Others don’t have family in San Diego and it can be tough, especially when the holidays roll around. Without our awesome customers we wouldn’t be here, and we are thankful for them each and every day.



GameSync In The Media

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Nova_600x998What’s Next?

Our goal is to take our model to all of San Diego and beyond! Imagine a GameSync gaming center in cities all over, where people can connect within their community. Where gamers are finally able to show off their true potential in a positive, relaxed environment. Where schools can compete in an eSports arena. Rome wasn’t built in a day and we understand the necessity of continuous effort to manifest this lofty vision.

Since our main source of income is from the center only (game time and concessions), we need high quantity sales to make the revenue necessary to pay for our monthly operating costs. And in order to achieve significant LAN game play and socialization, we require additional and newer hardware. By playing at GameSync today, you are helping us work towards achieving success. Join an esports team to practice & compete in tournaments or pop in to a nightly meetup. Let us host your birthday or private party. This is a community powered company and you’re part of it!


of our MOBA users play League of Legends


of our FPS users play CS:GO or Valorant

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