We Need Meetup / Tournament Coordinators!

As an eSports coordinator, your role is to help organize, promote and/or run events. Ideally, you have previous experience with games such as CS:GO, League of Legends, Overwatch, Rocket League, or console fighting games. A thorough knowledge of the rules of the games (so you can act as a referee) is helpful.

GameSync is always looking for aspiring, enthusiastic gamers to partner up with in any capacity.  We want to share in the joy of building our gaming center concept in San Diego and beyond! Please apply at https://gamesync.events/jobs


Do you want to get your foot in the door in the gaming industry? If you’re motivated and inspired, we’re ready to work with you! Some of the tasks and roles you may choose from include:

  • LAN center operations
  • Article writing (game reviews, trends, personal experiences with a specific game, etc.)
  • Marketing and outreach (interact with individuals and/or companies)
  • Gaming tournament development and sponsorships
  • Planning, organization, strategy and infrastructure
  • LAN networking and PC optimization

Help bring individuals and groups to our location, either via organized events, through word-of-mouth, local flyering, media exposure (social, mainstream, etc.) and more.  There are many creative ways to spread the word, such as contacting Nationwide gaming clans with local chapters in San Diego, as well as reaching out to clubs, groups and organizations.  We can provide you with tools to help facilitate your efforts.

It is helpful if you are familiar with one or more of the titles we offer and/or the scene in general. A basic understanding of technology is also beneficial.

We are currently hiring for:

Minecraft Teacher

GameSync is looking for a Minecraft expert who has in-depth experience working with the game and developing in it. We are setting up a digital academy and need instructors to teach kids during the week or on weekends. Hours and days flexible. Learn more about the framework of the course being offered here and contact us if you’d like to apply.

Game Expert To Run Birthdays

As a professional game coach, your job is to manage birthday parties and private events.  Tasks include preparing the game arena, checking in participants, answering questions, providing strategies and tips, and talking to parents.  You need to be passionate about gaming, have a fun, youthful attitude, be organized and dynamic, and love working with kids. Ideally you are an expert with Minecraft (client & server).  A vehicle is required and events usually take place on weekends averaging 3-4 hours each.

Tournament Organizer

As a tournament organizer, your role will be to help promote and run events.  Ideally, you have previous experience (top PC games such as League of Legends, as well as console fighting games such as Marvel Vs. Capcom), and a thorough knowledge of the rules of the games so you can act as a referee. Other desired abilities include social networking and outreach skills and connections to the local gaming community.  If you are an organized, enthusiastic, and experienced with tourneys, please let us know!

Game Instruction

We occasionally contract experts in various games to offer instructional seminars and interactive classes to the public.  Classes are typically four hours long with a maximum of ten people supported in the main game room.  We also have a potential ten additional stations which can be used in an adjacent room.  You must demonstrate a proficient knowledge of a particular title and also have a structured curriculum prepared. Along with our marketing efforts, you will also be responsible for helping to promote your event.

The Next Steps

We are always open to your ideas and are ready to support your vision to help us broaden our customer base. If you would like to become part of our team in any capacity, please feel free to send an email to [email protected] with your background and contact information and we will respond promptly.