GameSync BugThank you for reserving a birthday/private event or a 2 or 4 hour gaming session at GameSync! We will be sending you an email confirmation shortly. As the rise in SPAM emails has created an equal rise in the measures to combat it, we suggest you allow messages from [email protected] and/or contact your network administrator to ensure your network allows messages from us. 

Important! About Two Hour Birthdays

If you reserved a two hour birthday, please be aware that it typically translates into only one and a half hours of actual gaming (depending on such factors as check-in/setup time, any serving of food, photos, gifts, cleanup, etc.) A three hour event has always been our most popular. Kids love the extra time and it takes the pressure off – we strongly recommend it! If you choose this add-on, please call or email us ASAP so we can block out extra time in our calendar for you.

Register Your Guests To Save Time

Each participant requires an account on our system. To save time prior to checking in to your event, we recommend you distribute the link for our new user form to all your participating guests who have never been to GameSync before.  While its not mandatory, whoever fills out this form will have their account manually created by us. When they arrive at your event, they will not need to fill out a paper form and wait for us to enter it into the system. Please share the following link:

This link is also visible at the top our website (“New User Account Form”). All birthday party guests who pre-register their accounts will be automatically be credited with a bonus gift: additional free game time that they can use on their own in the future.

If You’re Playing Minecraft

By far our most popular title for birthdays and private events, Minecraft at GameSync offers limitless possibilities. If you have a customized Minecraft world, email it to us as a compressed file, share it with us on the cloud (dropbox, onedrive, etc.), or bring it in on a USB memory stick so we can import it into our Minecraft server. The manufacturer of Minecraft requires a paid account in order to play. It must be a PC or Mac account (XBOX, PS3, iOS or Android will not work). Participants can bring their own account or rent from us (only $5).


While you’re waiting for your reservation day, please learn about us. If you are inspired, please help spread the word (the most popular way is via our facebook page).  We exist only because of your kindness in sharing our name with others!

Thank you very much for choosing GameSync! If you have any questions, please feel free to email us or give us a call. We’re very excited to host your event and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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