dota2-shield-logo_25x28Play DOTA 2 Tournament Meetups at a True Purpose-Built LAN Center

GameSync offers spectacular gaming performance in a comfortable, purpose built environment that’s perfect for DOTA’s multi-player gameplay. Our nVidia-powered stations produce high frame rates at max settings and our Enterprise-class network averages 35ms ping to the NA server. Additional benefits include local lobby private server capability, premium hardware & peripherals, and extended weekend hours for late-night enthusiasts. Most of all, it’s incredibly fun!

Private Lobby Local Play

If you’ve never played a locally hosted Dota 2 private lobby game, you don’t know what you’re missing! The LAN experience with our on-premise server comes highly recommended by many of our regulars. When you login, access the lobby settings interface which allows you to change a number of options including the game mode. Available to use for FREE at GameSync.

Lag-Free Gaming

One of the major issues people have when playing at home is is frequent disconnections and/or high latency. To fix this, we offer a stable, reliable business-class Internet connection and high-end stations maintained daily. No longer will your teammates be able to use lag as an excuse for making a mistake in the game or getting ganked!

Peripherals That Work

Have you ever played with others who don’t have mics on so they can’t talk during game? Not only can you not hear them, but instead of talking back, they waste time typing and often get killed as a result. Every station of ours features Zalman clip-on mics, JVC headphones and dedicated sound cards for crystal-clear audio.

Sunday Night Tournament Meetup!

Our most passionate Dota 2 player SevvenGS (friend ID: 138052665) hosts weekly gatherings for the San Diego DOTA 2 community in a positive, relaxed environment. Some of the benefits of attending include:

  • Meet other players
  • Scrim together as a team
  • Practice on our private local server
  • Play on new, high quality hardware and peripherals
  • Discuss the game and learn from others

DOTA 2 tournament meetup night is every Sunday starting at 6pm.  Get ready and we’ll see you here!

Improve Your Game

Whether you just started playing or you’ve been around the scene for awhile, our game center is a great opportunity to meet people who love the game and can share tips, strategies and ideas. There’s something to be said about working with people face to face: communication is instant and having a coaching environment is extremely helpful. GameSync’s environment is very positive and non-toxic. 

Form A Team

Part of the alure of Dota 2 is that it truly is a TEAM game. No single hero is all-powerful and can stand on their own: they need each other. Our Sunday night meetups are a perfect opportunity to meet other people with a similar skill set and utilize the facility to practice together on our private server. In doing so, you fulfill the requirements of team-building and create a cohesive group that will play well together. 

Get Social

Most friends remain so because they are compatible. Sharing interest in the game builds strong, long-lasting friendships. Plus most people want to get out of the house – a game center is a great opportunity to bridge the gap between online, impersonal communication and live, real world interaction. You play better and the enjoyment is heightened on LAN with other people in the same room.

dota2-shield-logo_25x28The Biggest Secret To Improving

Most players are constantly trying to improve their game, however the majority of people leave out or don’t consider two critical aspects that are necessary to help develop your potential:

1. Before / planning

2. After / retrospective: think about how the game went, what could have gone better, etc.

Before going into the drafting phase, Pro teams often spend equal amounts of time looking at a match as they do playing one. If you fail to do this, you’re missing the bigger picture. At GameSync you can watch a replay and discuss what happened with the other players. It’s perfect.


dota2-shield-logo_25x28Play Together Once A Week

It’s hard to explain but the feeling you get when going into a dedicated arena with better equipment and playing with friends or others who are also trying to improve is very powerful and satisfying. Since the real key to the game is to find a group of people you enjoy playing with and keep playing with them, our advice is to meet other players (either online or at GameSync) then come in and practice on our local server. You’ll have a blast!

FREE! Join Our Gaming Club.

Be notified of local & online tournaments, win prizes, improve your game, get access to exclusive events & more. Whether casual or serious, you’ll have an incredible time!

dota2-shield-logo_25x28Competitive Scene: The Biggest In History

The world of eSports for DOTA is massive and highly sought-after – it’s even bigger than League of Legends. This is largely due to Valve’s “The International” which in 2015 had a prize pool of almost $18 million. While most players never get into major/pro events, there are many online amateur tournaments available for teams including ones that award prizes.

If you want to get more serious, the best way is to scrim together as a team with people of a similar skill level and keep playing. We can help by coordinating days and times for your team to come in and play together.  Two teams can compete in 5v5 with each other. Don’t have a team? We have an eSports club to help you get organized.


dota2-shield-logo_25x28Watch The International With Us

Every year the DoTA 2 club at GameSync gets together to watch the championship tournaments. It’s a private, exclusive group of players and as a regular Sunday attendee, you’re invited to join us!

dota2-shield-logo_25x28Group Play: Time To Win


When all players are on the same physical network, you leverage your ability to practice, learn and achieve more with the game than if you played on an individual, isolated PC at home. It doesn’t matter how good you are as an individual, it’s how you work together with your team that makes a difference. Just the picks that you make can have a huge effect (if you know enough about the heroes and their counterpicks, that helps tremendously). Fortunately there are many players in San Diego who are ready to meet up.

dota2-shield-logo_25x28Help Us Expand The Scene

If you get the steamid info from people in San Diego and then get to know them, consider inviting them to GameSync! You’ll get free time added to your account and so will they.

dota2-shield-logo_25x28Play MOBAs The Way They Were Intended

With so many different heroes, the game is complex – so much so that it never gets old. The best way to play is to get in front of the people you are playing with. You may ask: “why would I do this if I can play at my house and I already have friends online?” The answer is that there is no replacing real-life interaction with people. The nuances of tone and body language is a huge part of social communication. Most of the pro teams practice together in the same room for this reason. If you can bring that element into the game that you enjoy playing and talking about, your experience and skill level will increase quickly and dramatically.

dota2-shield-logo_25x28DOTA vs. League

The number one discussion we see brought up between players of these two titles is: which is better?  Each faction will have their own opinions but most will agree that the concept, objective, and methodology to winning is very similar. But everything about Valve’s F2P is bigger: maps, characters, learning curve, amount of management needed, etc. For that reason most people don’t play both, they choose.


dota2-shield-logo_25x28What Kind Of Gamer Are You?

If you want to just jump into it, play and have fun, we feel that League would be a good start.  But if you want more complex strategy and coordinating attacks, want/need more customization of your environment, etc. then give DoTA a try! If you are an uber intense kind of gamer, rather than a casual one, then this could be your game.

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