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GameSync has been building a successful brand and strategy in the Esports gaming space since 2012. Now, partner with us and learn how to succeed and avoid the pitfalls that send most centers to the grave within 3-5 years. We offer a platform that helps each member grow and expand in ways that wouldn’t be possible alone. We’re the first in our industry to offer this kind of solution and we’re passionate about making your business a huge hit!

Leverage Our Brand and Marketing Opportunities to Succeed!

Tangible, strategic benefits include:

  • Full rights to use the “GameSync” trademarked name in your store
  • Usage of our marketing collateral (logos, banners and other original IP)
  • Access to discounted hardware and software from our partner vendors
  • Discounted hardware purchases via our sales team connections at Newegg
  • Discounts on iCafeCloud LAN center software
  • Discounts on CCBoot diskless (PXE) management software
  • Discounts on hardware, deco and peripherals
  • Bitcoin ATM option (if available in your area) to drive additional traffic and revenue
  • GameSync TV exclusive to our partners
  • Esports tournaments & competitions between our network of GameSync locations

Intangible benefits include:

The GameSync name is well known in our industry. We’ve build a brand that focuses on curating relationships with the community, as well as a focus on the amateur pathway to professional Esports.

GameSync TV: Original Content for Your Audience

Why Esports? Why Livestream? Why Twitch?

Twitch has 100+ Million unique monthly users. Is owned by Amazon, and just recently it was reported averaged more viewers than MSNBC or CNN. Twitch was reported to avarage 962,000 viewers in January 2018. For comparison FOX News and ESPN averaged 1.5 million in 2017 with MSNBC at 855,000 and CNN at 783,000.
This brings access to a valuable audience. Male Millenials under the age of 35 and skewing younger make up 54% of Twitch viewers. Male Millenials are ad aware and wary of advertising. Capturing them with content, being seen where they spend an average of 2 hours captivated to a screen is extremely valuable. Esports competitions and original content broadcast on Twitch offer unique access to this audience. Average viewership on Twitch is two hours with 35 percent of them viewing from mobile devices.

Our resident live streamer and host is Jeff Hamby, better known as “Hamby”. He has streamed on Twitch and Youtube as HambyPlaysGames, you know him from his radio shows and podcast on Channel 933 and FM 949 over the years in San Diego. Hamby is passionate about gaming, creating a strong community, finding and developing new talent for streaming and esports and creating fun content. Expect interviews with creators of your favorite games from around San Diego, podcasts, event coverage for E3 and San Diego Comic Con and more.

Here’s an example of some of the content you can expect to see broadcast to your center:

  • Esports – creating eSports tournaments hosted at GameSync as well as broadcasting other competitions through our Twitch Channeland in the LAN Center
  • Hosting, Parties, Private Events
  • Podcasting/Video Production – Use our facilities to create your weekly podcast. Equipment to record your audio or video podcast or vlog, high speed fiber internet for unparrelled livestreaming or upload speeds
  • Mentorship – Starting podcasting or livestreaming on Twitch can be expensive, time consuming, and difficult. Use our facilities and equipment to get yourself launched. Low cost alternative with amazing high speed internet and computers to reach your audience. Start at the center with a built in social reach in the LAN center plus tools to help you become a better personality, deal with online trolls in a professional manner and more!
  • Communities/Games – Fortnite, PUBG, Overwatch
  • Live Streaming
  • Our content will also include brand exposure, hardware giveaways, and other endorsements to partners and sponsors of our local San Diego locations, further validating and legitimizing the GameSync brand to your customers.

Get in on the ground floor of a growing market. Establish a presence in your city now!

For new centers, depending on the size and the amount of equipment needed, we estimate that the money saved in software/hardware discounts alone will pay for six months to a year! And if you’re an existing center, we’re a real shot in the arm for your business.

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