An Incredible Gaming Scene Awaits You!

Whether you’re casual or serious, join an esports team to practice and compete against gamers from all over! Win prizes and cash in our tournaments, meet passionate players around your skill level and age, build stronger team skills and have a great time while doing it!

Events are held online at We also offer training at GameSync Esports Center in San Diego, California.

We’re an Organization for Everyone

If you’re looking for a pathway to competitive gaming or are just tired of waiting for a group to pick you up, we’ve got you covered. Our organization offers experiences you can’t get alone.

Step 1

Fill out an eSports team application. If you’re good at organizing, become a group leader.

Step 2

We assign you to a team with a similar ranking, age & goals (often done at our weekly meetups).

Step 3

Your team arranges regular practices with each other & scrims (matches against other teams).

Step 4

Have a blast playing with your new team! Improve your game, compete in tournaments & more!

Overwatch Teams

Counter-Strike Teams

League of Legends Teams

Rocket League Teams

Train as a Group. Succeed as a Team.

The main qualification to join our organization is your dedication and love for gaming! You can join a team of five and/or be a stand-in or caster. You can participate in friendlies, randoms and private online and LAN tournaments. You also get the chance to compete against other teams and schools for prizing, name and fame! You’ll be invited to exclusive special events and are offered free movie passes & swag when we get them. We always think of our teams first for any promotions.

FREE Membership for a Limited Time

Your free membership includes discounted game time and other rewards. We initially form your team, but meeting days, times, rideshares and other details will be organized within your group. By joining a team, you are helping to build community. All proceeds go directly back into our infrastructure so we can eventually serve thousands more people.

Gain the Competitive Advantage!

  • Team up for practices with other players to see if there’s a good match
  • Join pick-up groups (PUGs) to gain experience
  • Once your team is assembled, scrim against other teams
  • Enter to win online tournaments
  • Build stronger team skills
  • Learn new strategies
  • Meet new friends
  • And much more!

Join a Pick Up Group (PUG)

Join our Discord server and play with a group of different people for an amazing experience. You can even initiate your own PUG within the community at any time.

Visiting San Diego?

Train & compete at Our Digital Performance Center 

How much does it cost?

Rates are discounted. Scroll down for pricing.

Who determines meetup days/times?

Your entire team agrees upon a regular schedule.

What type of Internet service do you have?

Fiber optic.

I’m not an amazing player. Can I still join?

YES! We welcome all skill levels. Also, as a friendly, supportive community, we're here to help you improve your game.

How can I get there without a car?

Rideshares are common. Once you've been assigned a team, you can ask on the forum or chat.

How often are your meetups?

It depends on how serious you are! See the "inspiration meter" on your application.

Do we play against other teams at practices?

You can practice with your team and/or scrim with other teams. We also host private tournaments separately.

What if I can’t make a meetup?

If you're sick or out of town, contact your team leader immediately for rescheduling.

How do I enter a tournament?

Competitions are private and for GameSync eSports teams only. If you want to compete, join a team!

Get a free session! Level Up Your Game with Esports Performance Training!

We offer coaching, advice and resources for aspiring esports athletes to take their game to the next level. Available for both individuals and teams worldwide.

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