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Smash Thursdays! "Sync or Swim"

thu13dec7:00 pmSmash Thursdays! "Sync or Swim"7:00 pm

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Come join us for Sync or Swim, the largest and longest running weekly Smash tournament in San Diego! Whether you’re new to the scene or you’re a seasoned Smash 4 player from the WiiU days, you’ll have a blast! Learn more (including tournament rules and registration):


  • 5PM: Come and get some friendlies in! Feel free to come in even earlier though, we open at 10am!
  • 6PM: Get checked-in and warm up with some practice matches.
  • 6:45PM: In-person signups wind down. If you are arriving after this point or you’re going to be late, you must pre-register and post in #late-check-in at or there is a chance you will not be allowed into the bracket.
  • 7PM: Tourney begins! (More setups for friendlies become available throughout the night as we progress further on in bracket and need fewer setups to run all of the matches.)
  • 1AM: Post-event friendlies end/venue closes.


Please post in #late-check-in at Be sure to “react” to the post in #choose-games-roles to give yourself the Smash role when you first join Discord.


  • 31 or fewer entrants will pay out through 3rd place: 50/30/20
  • 32 to 47 entrants will pay out through 4th place: 50/25/15/10
  • 48 to 63 entrants will pay out through 6th place: 40/25/15/10/5/5
  • 64 or more entrants will pay out through 8th place: 40/20/15/10/5/5/2.5/2.5

Example (64 players): 1st wins $128, 2nd wins $64, 3rd wins $48, 4th wins $32, 5th wins $16, 6th wins $16, 7th wins $8, 8th wins $8. Tournament payouts are via Venmo or PayPal within 24 hours.



Learn more (including tournament rules):

Be sure to join our Discord server and Facebook group for winners, photos and updates: