Check out our battle-hardened sticker design, available to San Diegans for free from the GameSync gaming center.  With two color themes available, you can choose the style that suits your taste.  They’re the perfect size (2″ x 1.875″) and fit most anywhere: on a fridge, gaming computer or tablet, even on the back of cell phones. Simply request them when you check in, or order them along with your not-for-profit t-shirt.

Our idea with this sticker is simple: to share the joy of gaming with others in a simple, pure way.  Help spread the word about next-generation community gaming with this awesome design!

The white version of our sticker is great for light-colored objects. Black is also a great choice, and this design works well anywhere, including on the side of gaming rig cases, phones, tablets and more.

The sticker is primarily for San Diego residents; however, if you live in another city, you can purchase them with a shirt for only .50 each to help defray printing, shipping and processing costs.


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