hearthstone-logoThe biggest online card game has taken the world by storm!  Hearthstone is, in its essence, a very simplified version of Magic The Gathering (MTG), but with a few twists and a polished interface and gameplay.  To us, the arena is the most fun but also has a great deal of chance, as what cards you get has a big impact on your possibility of victory. So while it is extremely deep, it is also very much like an actual card game. There has been much discussion online about how it is a “pay to win” game whereby you can purchase the best cards, thereby defeating others who may build up their arsenal with real skill, however we see this as a casual game and therefore the argument that money takes all does not always fully manifest in this game.

Blizzard, the game developers (creators of the famous title World of Warcraft, aka WOW) chose the path of heavy game time invested in order to make progress and the popularity has risen accordingly. Most Blizzard fans have played the game for some duration. Summon creatures, sling spells, and command your favorite Warcraft characters in epic duels of strategy.
Experience the most popular online card game in one of the highest quality game centers in the world: it’s Hearthstone Sunday nights at GameSync! Play matches against other local gamers in an informal, fun setting. Invite others to your match and meet new players.

Every Tuesday Night Starting At 6PM

Our goal is to give Hearthstone fans a place to gather once a week while highlighting the most skilled and innovated players in the community. Bring in your friends and compete or join up with others from all over San Diego! We’re devoting our primary LAN arena to Heartstone players and friends exclusively from 6PM until 11PM (or later!) every Sunday night, year-round. Unofficial warm-up time starts at 5pm. It’s an exciting and unique way to match wits with other players, meet fans of the game, learn strategies and have an incredible time!


Our normal rate: only $5.66 an hour (plus tax). Most players average 3 hours but you’re welcome to stay for a shorter or longer time. We offer a FREE HOUR for each new player you bring in or when you purchase a gaming t-shirt. There are also other ways to save: check out our deals page and look for emails from us on specials and promotions.

Full Evening Discount: Only $4.63/hr.

Are you ready to handle the fully immersive Hearthstone experience? Play for seven consecutive hours and pay only $4.63 per hour (plus tax).


You have the option of running your own tournament with the other players.  We can provide you with procedures and rules if you wish. The tournament organizer and the winners will receive free game time at GameSync (minimum 10 participants, 2 hours).

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