Hot on the heels of the Canal Plus French TV interview last month, Jordan ‘n0thing’ Gilbert (one of the most well known eSports players in the Counter-Strike scene around the world) was again interviewed at GameSync Gaming, this time by CBS-8 KFMB local television news. The interviewer, Mr. Jeff Zevely, focused on Jordan’s career highlights and his many years of impressive success in the world of eSports. The producer, Mr. David Gotfredson, wanted to feature this story during the Nielsen “sweeps” month.

CBS was very generous with their airtime. A three minute piece was shown on February 9, 2015, as seen below (be sure to click on the settings icon and choose HD 1080p for highest quality):



As you can see from the video above, Jordan displayed his trademark friendly demeanor and humility while answering questions about the unique (and much desired by many) career path he chose. We found the classic arcade competition particularly amusing, especially when Mr. Zevely, a self-proclaimed Galaga expert, lost to Jordan at his own best game.

The piece was promoted the weekend before and aired on Monday, February 9 during the 11:00pm news. Mr. Gotfredson estimated, based on their ratings that night, that 243,000 people watched the segment. We estimate an additional 75,000 have watched online. We are very grateful to Jordan for suggesting to CBS that they hold the interview at our gaming center! Be sure to check out Jordan’s interview by Canal Plus French TV at GameSync here.

Jordan Gilbert stats:

e-Sports Player of the Year 2008 and 2009 (North America). 3 x WCG USA Champion. 8 x ESEA Invite Champion. 2 x Kode5 USA Champion. 3 x x3o National Champion. MSI Beat It Biejing Champion. GameGune Mexico Champion. WCG Pan America Champion. Over 100+ Tournaments played.

Since we posted the link to this story on Reddit, we’ve had a number of interesting comment responses. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Wow, that was surprisingly good and a positive look at eSports.
  • Putting San Diego gaming on the map!
  • Surprisingly well done for once, congrats on CBS for delivering this in a positive, uplifting manner even though it had to do with video games, something the media seems to blame constantly.
  • N0thing is one of my favorites, the guy is hilarious.
  • Obligatory flashbang dance tutorial.
  • Missed a big opportunity here to do one of his sick raps and become the new Eminem.
  • Dat last spray lol.
  • This kind of mainstream positive journalism towards video games would never happen in the UK.
  • The only thing that stuck in my mind was. How do you do jumping jacks again?

Jordan is asked questions by reporter Jeff Zevely and photojournalist Scott Hall


Jeff Zevely explains Jordan's unique gaming skills on camera.

Jeff Zevely explains Jordan’s unique gaming skills on camera.


Jordan and Jeff enjoy a heated classic game on our MAME arcade.

Jordan and Jeff enjoy a heated classic Galaga game on our MAME arcade.

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