Since GameSync launched in 2012, we’ve been working continuously to improve the Minecraft experience for our customers. Here is a brief update on what we’ve achieved so far, as well as where we’re headed! If you have any ideas for features, please let us know.

The new Minecraft server is a multi-world server in which players can choose from different worlds to play in depending on what they want to do. Upon joining the server for the first time, each player will begin in the new world lobby. This is comprised of a decorative chamber containing portals that lead to each of the other worlds. The player needs only walk through the portal to be instantly transported to the corresponding world. Each world has a return portal that leads back to the lobby, which the player is free to return through at any time. Players will not be able to place or mine/break blocks in the lobby, preserving its appearance and structure.



There are currently 3 primary worlds available (excluding the lobby, nether, the end, etc.)

The first world is the Creative world, in which players will have free access to creative mode and the ability to build whatever they want. The world from the old server has been carried over and now serves as this creative world.

The second world is the player versus player arena (“GameSync Battle Arena”). This world is comprised of a large stadium isolated in an ocean of lava. Here players will be free to battle against each other in PvP combat. Future additions to this world may include special mechanics such as random weapon spawns and scoreboards. As with the lobby, this world is also protected from alteration.


The third world is the Survival world. This world enforces survival mode gameplay by restricting access to creative mode for a more traditional gameplay experience, while still offering the additional enhancements provided by the server.


Some additional tweaks and enhancements have been made, including the following:

– GameSync company accounts will now appear ingame using the name of their respective skins instead of their account names

– Mobs will not be able to do damage to structures or terrain (i.e. no griefing)

Current Features

  • Multiple worlds, each dedicated to different types of activities, including a standard survival mode world.
  • GameSync Lobby: Custom-built lobby area which serves as a gateway to all the worlds available for play.
  • “Secret” dungeons: at various locations throughout the survival world there are custom-built dungeons which players can explore and complete for additional, valuable items. Players may find custom structures as they explore the survival world, which will lead into these dungeons. Some of these structures may be easier/harder to find than others, but never excessively obscure. The dungeons will be indestructible/unbuildable (i.e. adventure style) so as to allow easy re-use.
  • PvP (Player versus Player) Arena: a custom-built battle arena dedicated to PvP combat. Free-for-all PvP combat enabled.
  • Creative (original/legacy): our original creative world. Players are generally free to build wherever they want to, except for modifying protected structures built by other players. Structures are only protected upon request (or if the staff opt to protect it on their own). Various methods of griefing have been disabled in this world.
  • Notchland: this popular amusement park map is available as a permanent attraction on our server.
  • Additional new worlds being added over time
  • Bring Your Own World: For parties, events or other gatherings, customers can bring in their own world to play on the server. Worlds brought in by customers can be kept on the server as a permanent ‘landmark’ for enjoyment by future or returning guests

Upcoming Features

  • Team Deathmatch (PvP Arena): Players can split into separate teams (red and blue) for more organized combat. Integrated scorekeeping: The server will automatically keep track of each team’s efforts and even display their scores on an in-world scoreboard. No friendly fire: Players won’t be able to harm their teammates, preventing foul play or accidents. Spectator-safe: Players who do not sign up for a team will be immune to fighting from players of either team. Free-for-all deathmatch will remain an option
  • Dynamic gameplay events (PvP Arena). Random, dynamically-spawned item pickups: Weapons and armor will spawn at random at various locations in the arena, allowing for a more exciting, less predictable battle

Possible (unconfirmed) Features

We are working on some new worlds, including:

  • Organized Creative: For a more controlled building environment (than the standard creative world), we could offer a new creative world separate from the original. This world would differ from the normal creative world in that the world will be pre-organized into plots, which players can claim for automatic building rights and protection (no intervention from us required). Limits would be put in place to prevent abuse, such as players attempting to claim an excessive number of plots (unnecessarily blocking other players from making use of space)
  • Free-for-all creative: A creative world which would have no building restrictions, and offer no protections. This world would be suited for players that just want to experiment, mess around or otherwise go wild with no limitations. Those that wish for a more subdued or organized building experience will want to play in one of the other creative worlds.
  • Additional survival worlds: Multiple (2-3) survival worlds would give players some variety within the survival gameplay set (would likely wait until the existing survival world becomes more popular)

Also we are working on:

  • Hall of Crafters: An additional room/hall could be added to the lobby in which we could place on the walls actual team photos taken during the minecraft birthday parties and gatherings
  • Returning player rewards: Returning/ongoing players could be rewarded each day they play on the server with items, and/or points that the player can redeem for items or other in-game rewards. Examples: On each day played the player could receive a free diamond. On each day played the player could receive one point; Once the player has X points, they can spend their points to receive a special in-game reward. The server could keep track of how many individual days the player has played, and automatically adjust rewards accordingly. (e.g. player plays for two hours on Monday and then one hour on Wednesday, counts as 2 days played)
  • Custom Items: Special craftable tools and items with functions not normally seen in vanilla MineCraft (e.g. a tool that detects nearby ores, special pickaxe that improves mining drops, etc.)
  • Survival Mode: Mini-quests. A system to allow players to complete simple MMO-style objectives (e.g. kill X zombies, craft X of Y item) for items, etc.

We look forward to seeing you at GameSync to experience all these great new features!

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