What originally began as a Kick Starter-funded project that eventually raised $2.2 million in funds for Uber Entertainment has now created a new kind of real-time strategy game with a much more epic scope than anything seen previously.

Uber Entertainment is staffed by veteran developers of real-time strategy games. The combined talents of people who designed games like Total Annihilation, Supreme Commander, Command and Conquer, and Demigod have teamed together on this new project that has been in beta testing for the past year and up until recently has been said to be released only when it’s ready.

Called Planetary Annihilation in homage to the first real-time strategy game to show terrain and units in 3D, Total Annihilation (which was developed by the now defunct Cavedog Entertainment in 1997). Planetary Annihilation will soon be distributed both digitally and in the box at retail stores through a partnership with Nordic Games.

This weds the talented design skills of the small Kirkland, Washington based company Uber Entertainment, who earned early critical praise with their first release Monday Night Combat, with the large Austrian computer games publisher.

Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms will support Planetary Annihilation when it comes out in the early months of 2014.

Conquer Solar Systems Planet by Planet in Real Time

Planetary Annihilation is similar in concept and design to games like War Craft and Star Craft. You set up a base, begin to gather resources, manufacture units for combat, surveillance, repair, etc., and finally head out to battle for more territory.

Where Planetary Annihilation is different is due to the size of its scale. Rather than being limited to only a map of a single, closed world this game uses entire planets and asteroid belts to build armies for waging war. In order to gain control over solar systems with your units you must win battles planet by planet. On an even larger scale groups of solar systems can be fought for making entire galaxies the playing field so that the scope of the warfare becomes intergalactic.

Multiplayer or Solo Play

Players have four choices for game play. First, they can wage a galactic war against the AI of the game. Second they can chose to go one on one with a challenger. Third, is the option of entering a galaxy-wide free for all that can host up to 40 players. Finally, players can create teams for cooperative warfare.

Both Online and Offline Play

Uber Entertainment withheld their digital rights management option on this one so you’re not obligated to play on their UberNet servers if you don’t want to. Planetary Annihilation will work on your own private server or offline on your own computer if you so choose.

Set the Size of Your Army

There is no maximum or minimum requirements for the size of units. This means that if you want to wage small battles of carefully selected units or campaign with gigantic numbers of battalions, it is up to you.

Planet Generator

The game engine has been designed to keep things interesting. For each and every game there are new and unique planets generated to give a you a wide variety of battle fields to conquer. Build bases,  mine, and launch weapons from individualized planets and asteroid belts with each session.

Player Modification Enabled  

Players can use their own craftiness to  create their own individualized troop units with different specifications . Game types can be established by developing rulesets selected by you and run on your own server. Maps and layouts of solar systems of galaxies can also be created by players.


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