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Private Gaming Parties!

GameSync offers unique event services and entertainment year-round that cannot be experienced at home.  We have hosted hundreds of groups with our turn-key solution that makes it easy for organizers – you won’t have to lift a finger!  You bring the guests and we bring the excitement with as little worries to you as possible. Some of the types of groups we have catered to include:

  • Bachelor / Graduation / Holiday parties
  • Boys & girls clubs
  • Bar Mitzvah
  • Kids with autism

The Cleanest Bachelor Party Ever

Although the name has the infamous connotation of a wild, rowdy time, our version means a laid-back, chill-out LAN gaming session with friends. You’d be surprised how many parties of this type we host!


From kids to adults, GameSync is the place to have an awesome birthday party. Its a safe, friendly environment  that has something for everyone.

Social Experiences for Kids With Autism

xcitesteps_logoXciteSteps, an organization committed to providing care to kids, youth, and adults who experience a cognitive or developmental disability, has utilized GameSync’s facility to promote socialization, play, communication, and language, while also feeling connected with others.

Camps And Boy/Girl Scouts

haha istockphotoWhen training up to become the ultimate wilderness camper becomes a chore, consider taking your camp up to our gaming center. You can even teach essential teambuilding skills with the games we offer!

Schools And Educational Institutions

Instead of taking the class on a field trip to a theme park, consider coming to our gaming center. Gaming with us is super easy, on the teachers, and doesn’t require copious amounts of parent chaperones. Our game room works amazingly for seminars too! Is your office missing a meeting room? Are you doing construction, or renovations that make your current meeting space otherwise unusable? With a large format display overlooking all of the stations, and the ability to show what ever you want on it, getting the message out there is easy. Additionally each station has large 27 inch monitors so you can see things clearly, as well as a high quality mouse that is sure to beat what you have down at the office, and a mechanical keyboard for amazing typing comfort and precision.

Small Business Team Building

FriendsMore and more companies are choosing team-building and competitive gaming as a way of reinforcing the strengths of working together.  In that sense, we are on the only game in town (pun intended).  We’ve worked with local branches of big corporations (for example, a small bank branch or real estate office) to provide a memorable experience.  Have a holiday party, reward an employee, or simply take a break with co-workers. Games that involve common objectives, or benefits for working together have been proven to be more effective that traditional go around the obstical course, and find your buddy kind of team building exercises. The Employees are often more willing to cooperate, and are more able to benefit when they focus on playing the game, having a good time and working together, instead of tolerating a boring team building day. Employees can get stressed out from various things at work. We think that instead of company dinners, and other events, that can often be just as stressful as normal work Gaming with us is a better solution. We handle everything, so everyone can chill out, and play away.

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