Gunnar Optiks LogoGUNNAR started in the garage of one of its co-founders, Jenny Michelsen. The idea for the glasses was born out of one woman’s frustration with her husband’s digitally induced migraines and worry about the eyes of her child who was fascinated by technology.  Jenny Michelsen’s husband, Matt, was suffering from the headaches he had after hours sitting in front of six computer screens.  The headaches, the Michelsens would learn, were a symptom of Computer Vision Syndrome, a collection of minor ailments that build up over time. An estimated 125 million Americans suffer from what is now commonly referred to as Digital Eye Fatigue or Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), according to the American Optometric Association.  They created a product with amber-tinted lens, which make images appear clearer.  Yellow makes images sharper by adding contrast and filtering out blue light.   The lens is also shaped to pre-focus the light into the eyes, so the eyes don’t have to do all the work.  There’s also an anti-glare filter that allows light from the computer in but keeps out distracting reflected light from other sources.  The lenses are also designed to be fitted close to the face, creating  a “micro-climate” that keeps away the dry air currents.  This helps keep eyes moist by reducing squinting and maintaining a closer-to-normal rate of blinking – a leading cause of dry eyes. In early 2007, they founded the company and in October of 2008 they launched their first product.   Investors in the company include Peter Thiel (a founder of Pay Pal and early investor in FaceBook), 50 Cent, Carl Zeiss Vision, Monster, Inc., Christopher Burch and Happy Madison Productions. For further information, please visit

Featured Products


The MLG PHANTOM is one of the longest running products in the Gunnars gaming line, and one of the most popular models.

Promotional Items Contributed

Gunnar has very kindly agreed to offer a pair of gunnar glasses to raffle entrants at selected events.  Winner will received new, boxed product shipped directly from Gunnar’s facility in San Diego.

Products For Testing And Purchase

GameSync Gaming Center has partnered with Gunnar Optiks to offer a discounted price on glasses.  We also have product available for free to test in our LAN center. Simply ask for Gunnar glasses when you check in, we’d be happy to provide them to you for the duration of your stay.  If you wish to purchase product directly from us, please contact us for details.

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