Rude Dude Clothing LogoRude Dude Clothing was founded by Paul Mullins, a master electrician for over 30 years. Paul has received way too many high-voltage electrical shocks over the course of his career.  This, combined with his natural Mid-West narcissistic personality disorder, has resulted in the products that bear his brand name. It is a clothing line, but it’s not meant for everyone. It takes a particular type of personality to wear these styles. Everyone knows a rude dude. Young or old, rich or poor, we all have attitudes. Bikers, skaters, surfers, drinkers, or sports fans, we all carry our attitude through gestures and images. Rude Dude Clothing allows you to express yourself proudly for all to see. To browse the current inventory line or customize a product, visit or call 619-937-5573 or email [email protected].

One persons humor can be offensive to others

Three Out Of Two People Have Trouble With FractionsAs the Rude Dude himself admits, these shirts are not for everyone. The “Tacky Tees” line (18 or over) affirms this sentiment.  Businesses have been telling you for years “we care about you” and want to provide you the best of service. The bottom line is that it’s a tool to sell a product. At Rude Dude clothing, our strategy is much more simple: if you like our stuff, buy it. If you think a friend or Uncle Harry will like one of our products, buy it. If you are not happy, send it back with your own “rude gesture” and we will send you your money back or make it right! (unless it’s custom, then you own it, sorry!)

If You Wear It, We’ll Make It

Rude Dude offers custom apparel designs made to order.  Custom and personalized shirts are available for your small business, family reunions, girls’ weekend, fund-raising for sports teams or if you just want to tell the world what you are thinking. The sky’s the limit. We can design a basic logo or upload one of your own.

Discount For GameSync Customers

If you want a custom designed gaming shirt (or any other style), mention GameSync Gaming Center and receive 15% off of your order!

Items Contributed

Rude Dude Clothing very generously donated five t-shirts for the winning team at our League of Legends 5v5 tournament in July 2013 as well as ten beanies which went to the top two teams. Check out his other LoL shirts here.

league-of-legends-rude-dude-shirtLeague of Legends Shirt









A Personal Thank You

Paul Mullins has been the exclusive provider of the electrical infrastructure for GameSync and our sister company San Diego PC Help for the last five years. We owe Paul a huge debt of gratitude for all the professional service he has given to us. Given our complex Information Technology needs, there is no way we could operate without Paul’s brilliant solutions-driven and efficient service. He is the most highly qualified, friendly and fun electrician we have ever met! For a free quote, contact him at 619-937-5573 or via his Rude Dude website.

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