GameSync LAN Center Staff Application

Thank you for applying to be a staff member of GameSync! This form is for people who want to help at the actual LAN center itself. For other positions, please contact us. Benefits include free use of the facility while you are on a shift, a free GameSync shirt and discounted rates when you are not on a shift. Please note that after 30 days of inactivity, your staff privileges are revoked and you will need to request to be re-instated.

Before continuing, please read and understand all of the rules below:

  1. The Policy of Truth. Due to potential security issues, we have implemented a strict system for new applicants. Everyone must undergo a complete background check (your information will be shared with a third party security company). If additional information is required (such as fingerprints), we will contact you. Any attempt to falsify information is grounds for immediate disqualification. Please do not continue if your intention is to lie or deny.
  2. The policies & procedures as stated on our staff forum threads must be strictly adhered to at all times.
  3. While we encourage feedback and input from staff, the word of management is the final say in all matters, especially in cases of conflict or dispute resolution.
  4. If you have any issue with another staff member, do not approach them directly but instead bring it up with management.
  5. Our relationship with staff are largely based on trust. If any breach of this trust occurs or other policies are violated, the management reserves the right to remove your status as a staff member at any time without warning and ban you from the facility permanently.
  6. Any attempt to steal from or in any way deliberately harm or defraud GameSync in any way will result in an immediate permanent ban and potential police and/or legal action, for example: Taking money from the register, taking hardware or any other property from the store, taking concessions without paying for it up-front (no IOUs), selling products or hours and keeping the money, adding unpaid hours to your account without permission, sharing your account with others, breaking hardware or other property (for example: due to emotional problems, aka raging at your team). Banned customers are not to be allowed back into the facility under any circumstances. Deliberately allowing them in will result in you being banned as well.

Simply, play by the rules and you’ll have a fun and harmonious experience!


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