hearthstone-logoWelcome to the biggest Hearthstone tournament in the United States! We invite individuals, teams and fans to visit GameSync for an incredible journey into the realms of Hearthstone. Play, eat, drink, relax and enjoy! Win prizes and game time. Be a guest commentator for our live audience and on our internet stream. You’ll meet great players from around the state and learn new strategies. It’s alot of fun!


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Discounted Practice Game Time

Want to hone your skills and familiarize yourself with our equipment? Participants who have pre-registered receive a special offer: 25% off game time in our LAN center leading up to the event. This discount is good for hourly and day passes and is non-combinable with any other offer. Please mention the deal to the counter staff before your purchase. Practice solo or with your team at our facility, then come in and win big!


• A $12 entry fee will be charged upon registration.
• Each person must sign the “GameSync New User Account” form and create an account to access the GameSync stations. The form can also be filled out here. Be sure to select the “Tournament” option and enter the Name and date of the tournament.
• Participant peripherals will NOT be allowed (personal keyboard, mouse, headset, etc.)
• Personal items can be stored at our facility upon request.
• Participants need to know their Battle.net username and friendcode. They will need to exchange info with match partners and will be called to their game by username.
• Check in will be at 5pm, tournament matches will start promptly ay 6pm.

Rules & Procedures

• Double elimination bracket. Winners of each match go on to the winner’s bracket, losers will have a second chance to win in the loser’s bracket.
• Prelim matches all the way to top 4 will be best 2 out of 3 to win. Finals will be best 3 out of 5.
• All decks must be created prior to the tournament. There will be no given time to create or edit decks during the tournament.
• Participants are restricted to 1 account, but can use as many decks as the account can hold.
• Participants will be called by name to play at an assigned station. If the participant does not respond in time they will be disqualified. A 5min grace period will be granted after the player has been called.
• Prior to each match, players must meet and exchange account information, then invite one another to a match.
• Loser of the first game has the option to switch decks. Winner must stay with the same deck.
• Players must wait for referee approval before starting matches.
• Winners of the set must immediately report the result to a referee.
• Players in the loser’s bracket who make it to finals can reset the bracket by winning the first set. The player in winner’s bracket needs only to win the first set to win the tournament.
• Any instance of cheating/hacking/exploitation will result in immediate disqualification and will be banned from future events.
• Any behavioral issues or in game trolling will be met with disqualification and removal from the premises.
• Uneven brackets or no-shows to matches will result in a “bye”.
• A referee can be called to address any in game issues (Crashes, bugs, glitches, network problems, etc.)


Brackets are updated during the event at https://gamesync.us/tournaments/brackets.  While we display this live information in the LAN center, you may wish to also bookmark this page on your mobile device to keep abreast of what’s happening in real time while you’re waiting for your turn.


“I would like to thank GameSync Gaming for organizing this event. I had an absolute blast for my first tournament and gave me a great experience. ” – Michael Basilonia

Common Questions

I am a relatively new / casual player. Can I attend?  Yes! Our competitions are amateur level, so it’s a great way to just have fun playing with others, learn strategy or get into a more serious competition.

Do I need to have a team in order to play?  No. Since this is a 1v1 game, once all the players register, the brackets will be randomly generated and you will be placed into a slot.

How much game time will I get?  We offer double-elimination which means you’ll play at least two full games.

How can I see who I am competing against?  We have bracket info available on our website so you can check standings on your smartphone and see who you are playing against. The information is also displayed on multiple large screens in the game rooms.

Are spectators welcome? Yes!  We only ask that you purchase an inexpensive drink or snack to help defray costs of running the event.

What about food? There are a number of fast food restaurants on Miramar Road, a few minutes from us. We also have concessions available (see our pricing page for the full menu).


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