Heroes of the Storm LAN Tournaments at GameSync

Play this amazing game at the only meetup event of its kind in California. It’s an opportunity you won’t want to miss!

Play Like Never Before

Now, for the first time ever, Heroes of the Storm meetups and mini-tournaments are being held weekly at GameSync! All skill levels are invited to join in this play for fun competition every Thursday starting at 6pm (until 11pm or later!). Please review the following information to make your stay more enjoyable.


Match Setup

  • Match setup begins with a coin toss between Team Captains, and winner gets to choose between Map Pick and First Pick.
  • Teams will then alternate from there onwards for the Decision for Map Pick or First Pick
  • (i.e. Team A wins Coin toss, and decides Map Pick, Team B will have First Pick for Game 1. For Game 2, Team B will have the decision on whether they want to have First Pick or Map Pick).
  • Maps that have been played will be removed from the Map pool for the following games in a match series. Maps will be chosen before the drafting process by the team that has Map pick.

Drafting Process

  • Team with First pick will choose one hero.
  • Both teams will then pick two heroes each until the team with First pick has all five heroes.
  • Team with Second pick will finish the draft with one last hero pick.


  • Teams must have no more or no less than five players, and may have one substitute player.
  • All members of each team are expected to be present at the time of their match.
  • Team names and Battle Tags must not be obscene, vulgar and/or offensive. The organizer reserves the right to determine if the chosen handles are acceptable. Unacceptable team names and Battle Tags may be grounds for disqualification from tournament.
  • Tournament organizers reserve the right to revoke the eligibility of a team and/or player at any point during the tournament without prior notice.
  • All participants are expected to uphold exemplary standards of conduct at all times. Inappropriate and rude behaviors will not be tolerated. Participants who fail to comply will be strictly dealt with.
  • Players are expected to report to the Organizer 10 minutes before their match.
  • If a team’s full roster isn’t present at match time after:
    • 0 minutes – Automatic coin flip win to opposing team
    • 15 minutes – Free bye for game 1 to opposing team
    • 30 minutes – Team gets disqualified

Roster changes

  • Teams are not allowed to switch or change their substitute at any point in time.
  • Teams are only allowed to remove a maximum of one player per tournament, and will have to use their substitute player to fill the roster. A team will be disqualified if more than one player leaves the roster during one tournament.

Disconnection and Rules of Operation

Once a Tournament match begins, should one or more participants on a team lose their connection to the Battle.net service and ‘drop’, the game will pause. The disconnected player MUST return to the game as soon as possible and continue playing.



In certain situations, the Organizers may require that a match be replayed or “re-matched”, if circumstances exist that in the Organizer’s opinion prevented the match from being decided properly. In such cases, the “re-match” must be played with the same heroes that were drafted for the game that is to be re-matched.

It is the responsibility of the Teams to obtain a screen shot that demonstrates the reasons for a possible re-match, and to deliver that screen shot to the Organizers. In the absence of such evidence, it is unlikely that Organizers will require a re-match

Other Rules

  • Participants are allowed to bring their own gaming keyboards, mouse, headphones and mouse pads.
  • In the event that participant’s gaming equipment malfunctions, players will use the equipment offered by the organizers.
  • Match communication can be done via Skype or any other third party services.
  • In the event of a dispute, teams are advised to file an official complaint to the organizer at any point of the competition.
  • All decisions made by the tournament organizers are final.
  • Tournament organizer reserve the right to amend any of the rules stated here without prior written notice.

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