Ever since J.J. Abrams talked about Half-Life and Portal being adapted into a movie (which, is super exciting), it seems like we’re entering this new age of video game movies. Granted, people have tried to turn video games into movies for a long time (take a look at Super Mario Bros and Mortal Kombat). Not amazing, but hey we have to start somewhere.

So here are 10 video games that could be turned into movies:

The Last of Us

The story between Ellie and Joel is so well done that it calls for a really good zombie flick. The game focuses on good decisions versus bad ones, and I’d love to see that translated into a movie. While I don’t think we need a movie about Ellie and Joel (their story ended with the game as far as I’m concerned) I wouldn’t be adverse to hearing more stories about the world they live in (maybe a little movie about what happened to Joel during those 20 years).

The Legend of Zelda

There was a fake trailer ages ago but c’mon, it’s the Legend of Zelda. Who wouldn’t pay to see a movie about it? Live-action or animated, it would be awesome.

Grand Theft Auto

The very nature of the game fits really well into a movie – it could be a huge summer hit if done right.


This will probably be an animated movie, but it could be really successful. I mean, anything is better than that Super Mario Bros movie. Although I do wonder how a Mario movie would work…

A Real Life Pokemon Movie

Once again, there’s been a fake trailer about a live-action Pokemon, which gave an interesting twist on everyone’s favorite pocket monsters. While we have plenty of animated Pokemon movies, it would be cool to have a live-action one that’s inspired from the trailer; I’m talking realistic Pokemon who who actually look tough.


I know that J.J.Abrams is working on this, but Portal deserves to be on this list. There’s so much that the movie could take from the games – the history of the testing center, Glados. Have you seen the fan-made short film, because that looks awesome, and if the real Portal movie messes this up, I might not forgive it.

A Better Prince of Persia

They tried to make a Prince of Persia movie, but it was horrible. Please re-do it, because Prince of Persia was a great game and the first game told a really interesting story. In fact, so did the third installment (we’re not talking about the second game). The movie needs to do the game justice.

Live-Action Dead Space

Another video game that has some animated movies, but given the nature of its plot, it could also work really well as a movie. Zombie-alien-things in space! The perfect horror film.

A Better Avatar: The Last Airbender

The movie adaption was a failure – it needs to be redone. I hear that there will be a second Avatar movie, so hopefully they’ll learn from their mistakes and improve it. The amazing storyline is already there and you have a large cast of interesting characters.

Heavy Rain

I know the game juggles multiple stories, but a movie adaption could just pick one of them and tell a really interesting and deep story. Within the first 20 minutes alone I was depressed, I could only imagine what a movie would be like.

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