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Compete with gamers from around North America in Valorant Sync: cash prize open tournaments, featuring  double elimination with two chances to win. You’ll have a blast! Streamed live at 


Friday 7pm EST.  Every week, year-round!

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5v5 – Double Elimination. Matches Bo1, Finals Bo3

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1. Register: – “Upcoming Tournaments”
2. Join our Discord server and choose “Valorant” role

More questions? Post in #valorant-chat or read #tournament-faq

Upcoming Tournaments

Fridays 7pm EST / 4pm PST

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Looking to play with others and join a team? Post on our Discord server. Whether casual or hard core, we have the scene waiting for you! Be sure to check out the action on our YouTube channel and watch us featured on CBS-8 TV news.

Rules & Info

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  • Tournament Eligibility
    • Eligible Countries: North America
    • Minimum age: You must be at least 13 years old by the tournament start date.
    • Tournament check-in is required for this tournament. Tournament check-in will begin 30 minutes prior to tournament start time. Players who fail to check in for the tournament will not be allowed to participate.
  • Match check-in is enabled for this tournament. Each time a participant is paired against an opponent on the Battlefy platform, each player must check-in to the match using the Battlefy interface within 10 minutes of the match starting. Players who fail to check in for their match may be disqualified at the discretion of the tournament administration team.
  • Settings

  • Tournament Structure
  • Seeding: The earlier you register, the higher chances of your team being a higher seed. To check on your seed, please go to the Brackets section and look at the number next to your team name.  The team with the lowest number is the higher seed.  
      • Our competitions are normally structured around even numbered, 2 squared teams (ex: 8, 16, 32, 64). In a case where the number of teams registered does not fall into this format, the highest seeded teams will be awarded a “bye”, effectively advancing them to the next round.  For example, in a 7 team event, 1 “bye” would be distributed.
      • Entry fee: There is an entry fee that must be paid to register your team for the tournament.  This is done as a one-time payment made by the Team Captain to cover their entire team.  However, Battlefy also charges a 10% fee of the registration costs.  As an example, If our tournament is posted as a $5.00 entry fee, plus the Battlefy fee, the total cost is: $5.50.  For more information, please visit .  
    • Tournament Settings
      • Bracket Type: Double-Elimination (You must be eliminated twice to lose the tournament).
      • Match Type: Winner of the match will advance to the next round, the loser will go to the loser bracket.  Winners of the loser bracket are still eligible to win the tournament assuming they win every match following their first defeat.  
      • No Show Time: 10 Minutes
      • Format: 5v5
    • Game Settings
      • Mode: Standard
  • How to Play 
    • BO1  
      • Higher seed is heads, Lower seed is tails.  To check on your seed, please go to the Brackets section and look at the number next to your team name.  The team with the lowest number is the higher seed.  However, teams are allowed to switch if both agree. This arrangement must take place in the chat section for admins to see.
      • The winner of the /coinflip (Completed in Battlefy) will pick Team A (HOST) or Team B (NON-HOST).  The captain MUST state what team they are in.  
        • Team B Bans 1 Map
        • Team A Bans 1 Map
        • Team B Selects from the two remaining maps
        • Team B Picks Side for the Match
    • BO3 (Grand Finals)
      • Upper bracket/Lower bracket:
        • Game 1: The upper bracket team (the team currently in the winners bracket) has host and map selection. Lower seed picks the side.
        • Game 2: The lower bracket team (the team currently in the loser bracket) has host and map selection. Higher Seed picks the side.
        • Game 3: The team with the lowest total rounds will host (Both teams will sum the rounds they’ve won, the lower total value will host).  The team that does not host has map selection and will pick their starting side (cannot choose an already played map).
    • The hosting team will then friend request and invite their opponent to the game session and begin their match.
    • Teams must take uncropped screenshots (full scoreboard, in game ID display) after the game has concluded and be able to provide this info when requested.
    • Proof can be acquired by recording the ending of the match OR navigating to your “CAREER”  at the top of your client. Match History > Select the match > Scoreboard
    • The winning team of the match is required to upload the screenshot as evidence and input the results in discord.  Captains can report scores.  
  • Disconnections
      • In the event that a player may request a reconnect or re-host, this will only be allowed a max of one time per match.
      • If a player disconnects, and is not able to rejoin within 5 minutes, a substitute registered with your Battlefy team should be used. If substitutes are not possible for your team, your team will forfeit.
      • In the events that a re-host is needed, please make sure to take a screenshot of the scoreboard before ending the game.
        • The round count will stay the same upon reconnect/re-hosting of the match.
      • In the event of a re-host, the team that requested the re-host has a max of 5 minutes to return to the lobby or they will receive a loss for the match.
        • Any extra time for the team to reconnect must be requested from the admin team. Granted extra time is at Admin discretion.
  • Foul Play 
    • If any user is believed to intentionally be using any glitches and or exploits, after a thorough investigation, their team may be held accountable for malicious gameplay which will result in a forfeit and a ban from competing with us in the future.
    • If there is a dispute between your team and the opposing team, please choose the option “Report Match Issue” on your Battlefy match.  For more information, please visit .

  • Maps: 
      • Bind
      • Haven
      • Split
      • Ascent
  • Other 
      • If you have any questions about the rules, please use the message admin feature on the right side of the check in screen or ask an admin on the discord server (see above).  Someone will respond shortly to resolve any issues.
      • Please keep yourselves to a respectable standard. Some of these matches will be streamed and overall we are trying to build an open, friendly gaming community.
      • Observers are NOT allowed unless instructed otherwise. The hosting team will be held accountable for any observers in the match.
      •  Ping/lag issues are due to Valorant server issues and are not linked to our tournament. Exempting official server error announcements from Riot, ping/lag issues are not a valid reason to re-host/re-play a match. If an announcement is made, appropriate measures will be taken.
      • “Refunds for this event will only be granted to users who are no longer registered at the time the registration has closed. If a tournament has a registration cap, then any players registered at the time that the cap has been reached will no longer be eligible for a refund. Failure to check-in, participate in or being disqualified for a rules violation in any tournament will not be cause for a refund. Refunds are not automatic and will be refunded manually after the tournament brackets have been seeded and the tournament is finished.” 
  • Prize Pool 
      • Prize Pool varies from each of our tournaments, as well as the distribution to the qualifying placings. For more information, please visit our next tournament and read the section “Prizes”.  Our tournaments can be found here:

  • Streaming 
    • Most upper bracket matches are streamed on and lower brackets on! Contact us if you’d like to be a caster or stream tech. If you want to stream yourself, we require the use of our logo animation on your overlay to help support and grow the community. It’s pinned for you to download on our Discord server (in the #vods-highlights channel).

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