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Compete with gamers from around North America in Valorant Sync: cash prize, streamed, open tournaments, featuring two chances to win and only $5 entry per person. You’ll have a blast!


Friday 8pm EST.  Every week, year-round!

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Cash via PayPal (amount varies, up to $880 for 1st)


5v5 – Double Elimination. Matches Bo1, Finals Bo3

What to do

1. Register:
2. Join our Discord server and choose “Valorant” role

More questions? Post in #valorant-chat or read #tournament-faq

Upcoming Tournaments

Fridays 8pm EST / 5pm PST

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Looking to play with others and join a team? Post on our Discord server. Whether casual or hard core, we have the scene waiting for you! Be sure to check out the action on our YouTube channel and watch us featured on CBS-8 TV news.


Tournament Process


Our competitions are normally structured around even numbered, 2 squared teams (ex: 8, 16, 32, 64). In case of number of teams registered that don’t fall into this format, the teams that sign up early will be rewarded a bye, effectively meaning they advance to the next round.  For example, in a 63 team event, 31 byes would be allowed.



Tournament Format

Brackets are double elimination. Matches are best of one (BO1) until the finals, which are best of three (BO3).

Determining Host

In a BO1, the host is determined by a coin flip. In a BO3, the host of the first map is the winner of the coin flip. The host of the second map is the loser of the initial coin flip. The host of the third map will be determined by who has the lower overall round count.

The host team is picked with a coin toss on our Discord server (use the command: !flip in any channel). The hosting team’s captain will create the lobby and invite the opposing captain using their in game ID. Users in game IDs can be found on the match details page. 

  1. Once all players participating in the match are in the lobby, the host of the lobby can start the game. (If your match is being broadcast, please wait for both broadcasters to join as well.)
  2. All map bans will be done by all teams via This must be done before each match for both teams playing.

Win Conditions

  1. The first team to win 13 rounds in total will win the map. 
  2. In a best of 3 series the winner will be determined by which team wins 2 out of the 3 maps.
  3. Once the match is complete, teams will report the outcome in the #score-matches channel for your tournament.

Team Selection

  1. The team that does not host will have the choice on whether they want to attack or defend.
  2. Observers are NOT allowed unless instructed otherwise. The hosting team will be held accountable for any observers in the match.

Best of 3 (BO3) Rules

  1. If a game goes to map 3, the team with less overall round wins throughout the first two maps will host the final map. 
  2. If rounds are tied leading into the final map, the lower-seeded team will host. (Your seed can be found to the left of the bracket.)
  3. Note: All matches are a best of 1, only the Finals will be a best of 3 series.

No Show

  1. The hosting team has 15 Minutes from the scheduled match time to join their match. If the opposing team has not joined within the 15 minutes of the lobby being made, you must click “no show”  in your match chat and then click “request an administrator”. 
  2. Once the administrator has been requested, the administrator will then contact your opponents. Your opponent will be given 15 minutes to respond to the administrator, after which the match will be canceled/continued at the administrator’s discretion. 
  3. Failure to respond to the administrator will result in a forfeiture of the map/match.

Foul Play

  1. In the event of a dispute, react with the emoji shown in the top of the #match-results channel to your scored match, then follow the procedure provided. 
  2. If any user is believed to intentionally be using any glitches and or exploits, after a thorough investigation, their team may be held accountable for malicious gameplay which will result in a forfeit and a ban from competing in the future.
  3. If there is a disconnection before round 5, the map should be re-hosted. Unless otherwise agreed upon by the captains of both teams, the match should be played out in full. 
  4. In the case of other foul play, please reach out to the tournament admins on Discord with evidence.


A report button is located in the channels under Valorant. Failing to report multiple matches will result in a temporary ban. A team reporting early is not a forfeitable offense if you report a win incorrectly early and lose, please accept your loss. Failure to report a loss can result in a ban.

  1. For proof to be considered valid, it must be include the full scoreboard with in game user IDs and all applicable game information.
  2. Proof can be acquired by recording the ending of the match OR navigating to your “CAREER”  at the top of your client. Match History > Select the match > Scoreboard.
  3. Conversations outside of CMG may not be considered valid proof; this includes, but is not limited to: Twitter conversations, PMs, Skype, etc… This means messages are NOT a form of valid proof.Prize Pools and Payout


All upper bracket matches are streamed on and lower brackets on Contact us if you’d like to be a caster or stream tech. If you want to stream yourself, we require the use of our logo animation on your overlay to help support and grow the community. It’s pinned for you to download on our Discord server (#vods-highlights).

Prize Pool & Entry Fees

There is a $25 buy in per team. First place winner takes 70% of the prize pool, second place takes 15% and GameSync Esports takes 15% of the admission for merchant fees, overhead and associated costs. The more teams that compete, the bigger the prize pool. For example:

8 teams : First place wins $140. Second place wins $30. 
16 teams: First place wins $280, Second place wins $60. 
32 teams: First place wins $560, Second place wins $120. 

64 teams will have three winners: First place wins $880 (55%), second place wins $320 (20%), third place wins $160 (10%).

PLEASE NOTE: Unless GameSync cancels an event, all registration fees are non-refundable.


Ping/lag issues are due to Valorant server issues and are not linked to our tournament. Exempting official server error announcements from Riot, ping/lag issues are not a valid reason to re-host/re-play a match. If an announcement is made, appropriate measures will be taken.

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