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Overwatch is the fastest growing esports title in the world, and GameSync is the home for Overwatch in San Diego. Join us at our weekly meetups–Mondays and Wednesdays at 4pm and again at 9pm–to play pick-up-games, meet your fellow Overwatch heroes, and join a team. Then, participate in our competitive Overwatch leagues to earn your place on the leaderboard, win tournaments, win prizes and start blazing your path to esports glory! We offer spectacular performance on our Enterprise network which is dedicated solely for gaming, with incredible ping times on our fiber channel and rigs that support high frame rates at max settings. Playing in our comfortable, purpose built environment has many other benefits including 6v6 capability, premium hardware & peripherals, and 24 hour access for llate-night gaming. Most of all, it’s incredibly fun!

Get out of Solo Queue and Get on a Team!

There’s no better way to improve at Overwatch than in a team environment with designated practice times, scrim partners and regular competitions. Sitting next to your teammates, you can develop signature plays, come up with unique strategies for every map, and develop the team synergy that separates the amateurs from the pros! You won’t have to worry about finding worthy opponents or building a team–our esports club will take care of that for you! All you have to focus on is improving your game so you can become a champion.

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Playing on a Six-Person Competitive Team Means:

No worrying about who will play support

No random teammates throwing the game or trolling


Your whole team will be on voice comms and ready to play as one

No more dealing with players who won’t fight on the objective

Low ping, good mics, excellent peripherals and no interruptions

You can scrim together to participate in tournaments and leagues

No worrying about game patches or frequent disconnections

It’s incredibly fun – you’ll have a blast!

In addition to our twice weekly meetups, once you’re on a full team, official LAN matches can take place anytime (as long as both team captains agree to the date).

Two Meetups per Week!

We gather on Monday and Wednesday, starting at 4pm (but you can arrive later) and going until the night is over! Or if your afternoon is busy and you can’t get in to the first session, show up at 9pm when our second meetup of the night launches. Times are not strict and many come in the afternoon and stay late. Join other gamers, meet potential teammates, play some pickup games and enjoy the vibe of the community!

Join the Challenger League!

Whether you’re new to the competitive scene or have tons of tournament under your belt, we have the competitive environment for you. Warm up in our Challenger League, where you can earn points for challenging and playing against other teams. The highest ranked teams will reach the top of the leaderboard, where prizes and additional tournament invitations await!

Compete in a Season!

When all our heroes have assembled, the GameSync Overwatch Seasonal League awaits! First, battle against other teams in the group stage to determine your standing for the playoffs. Then, fight your way to the Finals.

Common Questions

How often are your meetups?

Mondays and Wednesdays starting at 4pm. Two sessions, from 4pm to 9pm and from 9pm--1am. Come for either or both!

How much does it cost?

Check our Rates page for details. GameSync esports teams who show up as a full team for practice, scrims, matches or just to hang out get special discounted rates!

I want to coordinate a carpool to get to the meetup, where should I go?

Our forums and our discord server are both great places to set up a carpool.

I’m an average player. Can I still show up?

Of course! We welcome players of all skill levels. A friendly team environment like GameSync is the ideal environment for improving your skill and knowledge of Overwatch.

I’m in Grand Masters and I want to compete at a high level. Is this right for me?

GameSync is committed to being the home for Overwatch esports, from those just starting out to those thinking about going pro. We will match you with other like-minded and similarly skilled players to form a team that takes the game as seriously as you do.

Do I need a full team to show up?

Not at all. Mondays and Wednesdays are all about getting together, meeting other Overwatch players from San Diego and having fun. If you don’t have a team, this is the perfect place to find one!

Can I bring my own setups?

We have plenty of high-powered computers at our center that will save you the trouble of packing up your setup and bringing it with you. That said, we do have a BYOC area if you’d like.

What do you do at meetups?

Depending on the turnout, we do 3v3 elimination tournaments, queue up together in Quick Play or Ranked, and if we get a full house we’ll run full-fledged scrims!

How can I find a team to practice and compete with?

That’s why we have these meetups! Come on down and join in the fun on Mondays and Wednesdays. Meet other players, fill out our Overwatch esports application, and we’ll help you get on a team!

Introducing Team Breakfast!

Meet Team Breakfast The GameSync Overwatch Challenger League is proud to introduce Team Breakfast, our first Overwatch team! Team Breakfast met and was formed at the meetup on Monday April 3rd. Led by captain Oatmealqt#1543, Team Breakfast is looking for a worthy...

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Join an esports team to practice together, improve your winrate, increase your SR, scrim against other teams and compete in our GameSync Overwatch leagues. All skill levels and roles welcome!

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