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  1. Download the app or use any web browser
  2. Create an account with an age over 13
  3. Use our invitation: or press +, choose Join a server and then type: gamesync

For esports performance services, message us in #free-consultation

Our Online Touranments Were Featured on TV!

During the COVID-19 lockdown in San Diego, GameSync Esports Center owner Agragati Siegel was contacted by local CBS-8 news for a rundown on his pivot to online esports tournaments. This video is a highlight of the news story, with a focus on GameSync.

Join Our Server Team!

We’re looking for chat helpers, server moderators, server admins and tournament admins!

  • Helpers direct people who come into the server to get to the right place.
  • Moderators handle spam and inappropriate posts with warning, kicks and bans.
  • Server admins organize structure (for example, managing channels and other server management) and manage the ranks below you.
  • Tournament admins (TAs) assist with getting teams into brackets and answering questions during a competition.

We also need casters, stream technicians, video editors, community outreach people, social media management & esports reporters.

  • This is your name and the 4 numbers following your name (Ex. Agragati#7539)
  • To obtain your unique Discord ID, turn on Developer Mode by opening your personal settings, navigating to Appearance, and toggling Developer Mode at the bottom. (It should be a number that looks like this: 136625373814325248).

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