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GameSync – considered one of the highest quality fiber LAN centers in the world – offers spectacular League of Legends performance on our Enterprise network which is dedicated solely for gaming, with average ping times to the NA server of 58ms (the best possible) and rigs that support high frame rates at max settings. Playing in our comfortable, purpose built environment has many other benefits including 5v5 capability, premium hardware & peripherals, and extended weekend hours for late-night gaming. Most of all, it’s incredibly fun!

League is a social experience made for LAN

Most people aren’t content just sitting at home alone all day: they want to get out and enjoy other environments with other people around. At GameSync, the cheering, comradery, sharing strategies/ideas, screen sharing, talking about other things, taking breaks together, etc. is all more enjoyable. Plus the adrenaline rush on LAN is much more intense!

Enjoy your matches hassle and worry-free in our arena.

No longer will you have to deal with these common issues:

Drastic lag/ping spikes
Random FPS drops/skipped frames
Blue screens
Patching errors
Mouse/keyboard/sound problems
Frequent disconnections
Memory leaks
These and other problems can render the game literally unplayable and cause endless frustration. Our state-of-the-art rigs, maintained daily, run perfectly.

League’s social team building aspect is perfect for our game center.

Tritons-eSports-At-GameSync_10-25-2014_851x454 The 5v5 cooperative-competitive format reinforces friendships by requiring everyone to work together. Social benefits of playing at GameSync include:

Physically being with friends/others is much more enjoyable than sitting at home
Playing in the same room yields better communication between team members
It’s the best way to find teammates to practice/scrim together or for tournaments
Making new friends who share the same hobby is incredibly valuable and rewarding

Summoner Saturdays

Are you itching to meet other LoL fans in a fun environment? We’re the only group of gamers hosting a weekly place to gather while highlighting skilled and innovated players in the community. Practice during the week, then bring in your team and compete or join up with others. From 4PM until 2AM (or later!) every Saturday night, year-round.

Join Top Players

Our LAN center is frequented by former and current eSports pros who are still very active in the scene. These players are all at a minimum level 30, diamond, and some are in the top 500 worldwide. Keep your eyes open: you never know who you’re going to meet and learn from at GameSync!

Improve Your Game

Team building is a requirement for success, and at our meetups you get the opportunity to play LAN games with or against the same group of people. After each game you can talk “strats” and good plays and improvements. Then you “run them back” (after break/discussion, you go back and play again with the same team(s) and see how that benefits game play).

FREE Account Credits

You’re invited to experience state-of-the-art gaming in our dedicated arena. If you’ve never been, come in for a free hour and bring friends – they’ll each get a free hour plus so will you! We also have reasonable pricing and student/military discounts. Plus the game is completely free to play, which makes playing at a LAN center more affordable.

Average Ping Time to NA Server (ms)

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Technical Specs: Best-In-Class

Our game stations, peripherals, and enterprise-class network infrastructure are beyond superb. Selected from our decades of custom computer building and repair experience under our “San Diego PC Help” brand name, our stations are continuously being upgraded as the technology improves. Our top-tier peripherals are hand-picked by the most serious of gamers on our team.

  • Processor: Intel i5/i7 (typically i5-4690K)
  • Memory: 16GB high speed gaming RAM
  • Video Card: GeForce GTX 760 (4GB / 256-bit) or GeForce GTX 660 Ti (2GB / 192-bit)
  • Sound Card: Creative Audigy 7.1 with headphone amp
  • Network Card:  Intel Gigabit PCI-e adapter (high reliability & faster throughput)
  • Power Supply: Seasonic 750W 80 PLUS GOLD
  • Monitor: BenQ 27″ 2ms LED backlit display
  • Headset: Steelseries Siberia 650 – quality sound reproduction
  • Keyboard: Steelseries Apex M500 – Cherry MX Red Switches and full Anti-Ghosting and N-Key Rollover
  • Mouse: Steelseries Rival 300 – adjustable DPI on the firmware

FREE To Use: Gunnar Eyewear

Try on a pair of these optically precise, image enlarging gaming glasses – they’re the same ones worn by the pros. Gunnars also block harsh blue light and glare so your eyes can finally relax. They’re free to use – ask for them when you check in.

Join An eSports Team!

Scrim, compete in on-line and local tournaments, improve your game play, KDA ratio, & win rate, learn new strategies, and meet passionate players from around San Diego. All skill levels welcome!

Common Questions

How often are your meetups?

Every Saturday starting at 4pm year-round!

How much does it cost?

It largely depends on the number of hours desired. Check our pricing and deal pages for all the details!

I’m diamond, will I be the only high rated person there?

The distribution of players varies enough so that no one player is too far superior to others.

I’m an average player. Can I still show up?

YES! We welcome all skill levels. Also, as a friendly, supportive community, we're here to help you improve your game.

What is the dynamic?

Usually it's friendly/playing for fun but with a large number of people it can turn competitive. Up to you!

Is a bit of playful toxicity accepted?

Since it's all in good fun, absolutely!

Do you only cater to groups or do you welcome single players as well?

We serve anyone who is inspired to play!

Can I bring my own setups?

While most players find our gear more than satisfactory, of course you are most welcome to bring your own.

How can I coordinate or carpool with others?

Our forum is a great place to meet other players and organize transportation.

How can I find a team to practice and compete with?

We help coordinate teams of local players who are inspired to get serious. Read more on our eSports page.

Informative & Insightful Articles

Having put thousands of hours into the game, we thought it was time to contribute back to the community with helpful articles for you to enjoy! We’re looking for more writers! If you’re knowledgeable about the game, please contact us.

A Game Of Inches

A Game Of Inches

"What can I do to improve?" is the most asked question on the League of Legends forums. People think there are a few magical tricks that can instantly turn them into Diamond players. This isn't the case. In any game, the good players are separated from the great...

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The Next Level. Part 2: Gain or Greed?

The Next Level. Part 2: Gain or Greed?

Greetings everyone, in this next part, we will be talking about how to maximize your time in the laning phase and how to maximize your gain over your greed. The main focus of this article will be to explain how important your creep score is, and how going deep for a...

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World Championship 2014 Season Four: Group Stage

World Championship 2014 Season Four: Group Stage

The stage is set, the groups are revealed and World’s most played MOBA leagues of legends has come up with the biggest e-Sports event of the year, The League of legends Season Four World Championship 2014. The first world championship was played three years earlier in...

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The Next Level. Part 1: Awareness

The Next Level. Part 1: Awareness

Hey everyone, James here. I'd like to welcome you all to a new series about taking your skill to the next level. In this part we will talk about In-game awareness. Awareness is one of the most important things to learn and improve on, but it is a skill you continually...

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Solo Queue Mentality

Solo Queue Mentality

As in the real world, in Solo Queue players always have a mentality of their own. Even Toxic Players have one. What a mentality is pretty much a way of thinking. In Solo Queue your mentality can make you a better player, or make you a worse one. Here are some examples...

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Escaping “Elo Hell” at Bronze/Silver

Escaping “Elo Hell” at Bronze/Silver

Elo Hell is a pretty common topic nowadays, to me it's a division where you're visibly better than everyone else but not better enough to single-handedly carry them. Then you start complaining about how bad your teams are and what not. Thing is, even if they are bad,...

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League of Legends: What attracts you to the game?

League of Legends: What attracts you to the game?

It is an undeniable fact the League of Legends has quickly become the epicenter of the PC gaming universe, taking gaming to new heights, and changing the public’s image of gamers.  Recent Riot estimates have stated the 27 million people play League of Legends daily,...

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No More Confusion: League of Legends For Beginners

No More Confusion: League of Legends For Beginners

There are millions of players across the world that play League of Legends, so it's no shock that there are thousands of new members a day. If you're one of those members, you may need a little help to get ahead of the game when it comes to learning how to play. This...

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All About League
First there was a game simply known as defense of the ancients. Then there was League of Legends.

Pop culture status

League of legends has found itself a unique place in pop culture, a place that only huge games from large well know companies have found themselves in the past. League is literally everywhere, if you were to go up and talk to Even people who don’t really consider themselves as gamers find that they too are wrapped up in League of Legends. League of legends also finds itself with an extremely active, and creative fan base, that consistently delivers amazing pieces of fan art, and literature, for the community, and all of the world to enjoy.


League of Legends borrows many of its ideas about basic character design, and game play, from Dota. That being said  League of legends makes an exceptional effort to make not only the game play, but the aesthetics,  all about the champion.  Speaking of aesthetics, and character design, this game has a lot of both, while some champions are almost directly borrowed from Dota, the game attempts at making unique and interesting characters, and equally as good stories behind them, which was something that DOTA really lacked in. League of legends has also made the moba genre which quite literally was the hardest genre to get into, and play, more approachable, and easier to pick up and play. Doing so has certainly been quite a gain for the Developer, and publisher, Riot Games, as League of Legends, finds itself being one of the most profitable games that uses micro transactions as a main source of revenue.


League of legends finds itself taking most of the root themes, and tropes from standard fantasy. However, LoL crosses over into other genres, and they even do a bit of their own thing.


ESRB Rating: T for Teen League of legends is a fast paced (MOBA) Game, where you control one of many champions on the fields of justice.

Our personal Thoughts:

League of Legends battle scene on grassWe honestly used to think that League of Legends was nothing more than a fisher price baby moba game, and that HoN and DoTA were the only ones that had challenging game play mechanics. To a certain point this is true, League of legends has much more simple mechanics then either DoTA or HoN, and as such it makes the game more accessible. However, we failed to realize that having ridiculously complicated mechanics doesn’t make it a better game. After a while we figured that each game had their place and excels extremely well at what they do. DoTA is the biggest monster meta game management simulator ever, and League of Legends is a more accessible, simpler game, but  yet is deep in its own way.

League of legends perhaps has one of the most unique assortment of characters in any game, all without breaking the theme. Every character has a unique style of play, as well as interesting and character design. While most of the characters are unique and remarkable in their own way, these are some of the characters that we believe stand out above all of the rest.


Teemo PortraitA small Yordle Commando with an abnormally warm personality, that shuts down when he is on the battlefield. Teemo’s moves complement his status as a commando well, by revolving around disabling the opponent. He also is able to become completely camouflaged, and gains a huge attack bonus when he comes out for a surprise attack.


Tristanna PortraitA Female Yordle commando who trained for her whole life to get where she is now. Tristana’s movesets on the surface just seem like what is described as a Megling Gunner, all of her moves resemble actions, abilities, and power ups from classic arena first person shooter games from the 90’s which makes for a very interesting and unique character.


Rammus PortraitAn armadillo turned magical and sentient after a strange happening in a grassy maze. Rammus’s abilities involve shaking the ground, and taking advantage of his spiked durable exterior for the benefit of his teammates, and the detriment of his enemies.

Ahri Portrait


Ahri was a magical fox who dreampt of being human. After happening upon a dying wizard she was able to become close to the human form she always dreamed of through a magical transformation that altered her shape and gave her exceptional magical prowess. After turning into her new form she was able to attract men and consume their magical essences, but she soon regretted this and decided to join the league of legends to repent for her actions on the field of justice.


Orianna PortraitCorin Reveck was devastated from the death of her daughter Orianna, and created a robot with the same drive to compete in the league of legends as her daughter did.


Annie PortraitAnnie is the daughter of the leaders of the rebellion in noxus. When she was two she encountered a demon bear outside the limits of the noxus rebellion colony. She then proceeded to enslave the demon bear with her powers. She now fights in the league of legends as one of its most powerful mages at the age of 7.


Draven PortraitBrother of Darius, a man who was not content with just having victory killing others in battle. No, Draven had to do it with flair. Draven before joining the league of legends was executioner for the noxian army, who decided to make a large show out of his executions that involved dressing up and making the prisoners to be executed run for their dear life while he threw axes at them from afar.


Ezreal Portrait

A genius explorer who was summoned to the league of legends through means of a magical amulet, which also gives him some magical powers. Ezreal’s abilities are mostly projectile based, but he has an easy escape ability, in the form of Arcane Shift



Kog’ maw

Kog'Maw Portrait


Amumu Portrait

Cinematic Video
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League of Legends is evolving so quickly and becoming one of the biggest known games of all – this is greatly enhanced due to global eSports coverage. New to the game? Read our popular tutorial. Want to be sure everything is humming along smoothly at Riot before coming in to play? Check the North American server status here. If their servers are down or Riot is having some other issue, you typically hear about it quickly here. Want To Meet Other LoL Players In San Diego? Join our forums. See you on the Rift!
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