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Welcome to San Diego’s Hub for the Biggest Action Game

Play Counter-Strike at GameSync and enjoy lag-free performance and fluid multi-player competition in one of the highest quality gaming centers in the world! Our custom built rigs and high-end peripherals, network infrastructure and environment are considered best-in-class and surpass what most players have. Be sure to try our FREE to use on-premise, configurable, private CS server. It’s a mind-blowing experience.

Join us as we build a new, ultra-fun and intense CS LAN gaming scene!

Thursday Night & Saturday All-Day Meetups


We’re the only group of gamers in San Diego offering weekly city-wide meetups & occasionally mini-ournaments for the FPS community. You’ll have a blast playing LAN together with us on our 128 tick, zero lag server. The more participants we have, the more fun it becomes! Join our facebook group and get a FREE hour when you come in!

To play in 3v3 or 5v5 competitions, please familiarize yourself with the rules and then bring friends to form your own team or come in alone and we’ll help find you a team. It’s an exciting and unique way to hone your skills, match wits with others and proactively help to grow the scene. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, we warmly invite you to join us for some good times!

Play With One Of the Best

San Diego’s own Jordan ‘n0thing’ Gilbert is a professional eSports player and a legend in the Counter-Strike community. When he’s not travelling the globe for Cloud9 competing in tournaments with the largest prize pools in history, he has been known to spontaneously appear at GameSync, join in with whoever is playing and casually talk about the gaming scene.

Come by our LAN center on Friday nights. You never know if you’ll have a unique opportunity to team up with one of the greatest of all time!


Technical Specs

Selected from our decades of custom computer building and repair experience, our stations are continuously being upgraded as the technology improves.

  • Processor: Intel modern i5/i7 (typically i5-4690K)
  • Memory: 16GB high speed gaming RAM
  • Video Card: GeForce GTX 760 (4GB / 256-bit) or GeForce GTX 660 Ti (2GB / 192-bit)
  • Sound Card: Creative Labs Audigy 7.1 with gaming optimized headphone amp
  • Network Card:  Intel Gigabit PCI-e adapter (high reliability & faster throughput)
  • Power Supply: Seasonic 750W 80 PLUS GOLD Certified Full Modular Active PFC
  • Casing:  Cooler Master HAF-932 tower


Our top-tier peripherals are hand-picked by the most serious of gamers on our team.

  • Monitor: 144hz 27″ curved display (Samsung panel) – large, immersive, high refresh rate image with absolutely no lag/ghosting/ripping even when high quality settings are enabled in CS:GO
  • Headset: Steelseries Siberia 650 – quality sound reproduction with accurate mids and bass
  • Mouse: Steelseries Rival 300 – Hint: try adjusting the DPI on the firmware for a different experience (once you login to your station, choose “programs – other” to access the configuration software)
  • Mousepad: Steelseries Precision Gaming Surface – provides the highest level of precision tracking available to react effectively and precisely to the optical mouse sensors.
  • Keyboard: Steelseries Apex M500 – Cherry MX Red Mechanical Gaming Switches and full Anti-Ghosting and N-Key Rollover

FREE To Use: Gunnars

Gunnar Optiks are patented, high quality computer eyewear. They provide an optically precise, enlarged image yielding improved clarity and focus.

Make sure you ask for a pair when you check in. They’re available for free while you play.


You’ll be playing on a dedicated business class WAN Internet connection for the fastest ping response. Our room is wired with low-latency network cable and fully validated termination.  Our firewalls and switches are managed, corporate-level appliances that we optimize for gaming.

Private On-Premise 128 Tick Server

Every member of our LAN center has FREE access to our configurable server. Unlike CS:GO competitive servers which are 64 tick, we refresh 128 times per second for more accurate kills. While we host every version available, the most popular choice is Global Offensive, as it features updated versions of the classic CS content ( such as de_dust) and new maps, characters, and weapons.

More about our server

CS World

Our competitive server allows for a 10 man scrim whereby everyone joins and people pick team captains who then make their 5 man teams (compared to normal servers that only allow for random 5 man vs. 5 man squads). We have the exact same setup as the pro players in LAN so our server can either be used for a competitive match (with 11 slots including a caster) or you can download fun maps and play whatever you want: scoutzknivez, surf maps, mini games, death runs, etc.

Gun Game

One of our Friday night favorites: start with a low tier gun, kill with it then upgrade the gun. The first person to go through all the guns wins.

Infinite Possibilities

With our LAN you decide what you want to do and modify what you want, when you want. Change the sv_gravity of the server to start flying and air acceleration to fly faster. Change game types, issue server commands for knife only, sniper only, shotgun only, etc. or download themed maps for everything from mario to alcatraz. There are an endless amount of things you can do.

How much does it cost?

It largely depends on the number of hours desired. Check our pricing and deal pages for all the details!

How often are your meetups?

Every Friday starting at 5pm year-round!

I’m not amazing at CS. Can I still come and play?

YES! We welcome all skill levels. Also, as a friendly, supportive community, we're here to help you improve your game.

How can I get there without a car?

Ask for a ride-share in our Steam group or try Uber, Lyft, Sidecar or Car2Go.

Do you only cater to groups/tournaments or do you welcome single players as well?

We serve anyone who is inspired to play!

When is ‘n0thing’ coming in next?

We never know when he'll pop in on us unexpectedly!

Can I bring my own setups?

While most players find our gear more than satisfactory, of course you are most welcome to bring your own.

What servers do you run?

We offer all flavors: 1.6, GO and Source.

Never Been to GameSync Before? Try Us for Free!

Receive a FREE hour for your first visit and an additional FREE hour for each friend you refer.

“I went to this two weeks ago and (although I had my ass repeatedly handed to me) I had a blast. There are some great players there and the computer set up is great. They played super late too, I think I ended up leaving at 2am and people were still playing. Definitely recommend.”

psahmn (

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” Went for my second CS session last week and it was great. Players of all range of skill show up. Also, everyone that works there is super cool”

byscuit (

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“These guys are treating me great! Go out and support them!”

Jordan 'n0thing' Gilbert (Cloud 9) live stream






Your Mission

We’ve created the perfect environment for all to enjoy but to breathe life into it, we need you to join our ground-breaking CS scene and take part in the action. Until then, get pumped and we’ll see you at our next meetup!

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