Gigs & Job Opportunities at GameSync


Wanted: Tournament Organizers!

Smash Ultimate & Melee, FGC, COD & More!


A Tournament Organizer (TO) runs events. If you don’t have previous experience, we can  train you. If you are an organized, enthusiastic, and are passionate about gaming, we’d love to talk to you!

Wanted: Business Partners & Co-Founders!

Get equity in GameSync and help grow our esports center!


We’re looking for a passionate person who wants to help build our community long term and work the business as a direct stakeholder. We can train you on the industry and how to make an impact!

Computer Repair

Hardware & Software Troubleshooting


If you have experience with Windows desktop PC hardware, software, and/or networking (switches, routers, cabling, termination, etc.) we’d love to talk to you!

Birthdays & Private Parties

Minecraft, Fortnite, Other Titles

Game Expert To Run Birthdays

As a professional game coach, your job is to manage birthday parties and private events.  Tasks include preparing the game arena, checking in participants, answering questions, providing strategies and tips, and talking to parents.  

You should be passionate about gaming, have a fun, youthful attitude, be organized and dynamic, and love working with kids. Ideally you are an expert with Minecraft (client & server).  A vehicle is required and events usually take place on weekends, averaging 3-4 hours.

Esports Coach

Game Instruction


We occasionally contract experts in various games to offer instructional seminars and interactive classes to the public.  Classes are typically four hours long with a maximum of ten people supported in the main game room.  We also have a potential ten additional stations which can be used in an adjacent room. 

You must demonstrate a proficient knowledge of a particular title and ideally have a structured curriculum.

To learn more or apply, join our Discord server and send a direct message (DM) to Agragati#7539 or call/text 858-522-9434.

Online Tournament Organizers

Any Game Titles


Online Tournament Organizer

As a TO, your role will be to help run events online, typically for the NA community. Game titles depend on what is popular and in demand – we’re happy to discuss with you!

We are always open to ideas and are ready to have a conversation with you! If you would like to become part of our team in any capacity, please feel free to message us at with your background and contact information and we will respond promptly.

To learn more or apply, join our Discord server and send a direct message (DM) to Agragati#7539 or call/text 858-522-9434.

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