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Expose Your Brand to Our Followers

GameSync is the Mecca of Gaming in San Diego and one of the most well known esports centers in North America.
We’ve got our hand on the pulse of the gaming scene and can bring awareness of your products to our local and global audience.


Our web property receives over 50,000 unique views monthly. We can create a dedicated page about your business and review your products on our popular blog.


Our gaming center doubles as a showroom, creating a unique opportunity for our customers to see, touch and use your products in the real world.

Social Media & Newsletter

We announce your company and products on our streams & e-mail newsletters and can even insert your commercials into our online video broadcasts.


Prizes and raffle drawings of your products & promotional items at our events help build customer loyalty and awareness.

Esports Teams

Our partnerships with various local college teams ensures an ongoing positive engagement with this exploding new sport.

Scholastic Community

As part of our social responsibility program, we support local schools and can expose thousands of students to your brand.

Our Unique Marketing Initiatives Help You Grow!

We Partner with Esports Pros

We have support from some of the biggest names in the industry including San Diego’s own global celebrity Jordan ‘n0thing’ Gilbert, who attends our events and is a consultant.

GameSync Fans Feel Positively About Sponsors

90% are likely to try a new product from one of our Sponsors
88% are likely to take part in a Sponsor promotion
89% are likely to purchase a Sponsor’s product over a non-Sponsor
98% have an overall positive feeling about our Sponsors


Our Audience Loves the Gaming World!


  • Age 18-24 63.48% 63.48%
  • Age 25-34 23.30% 23.30%
  • Age 35-44 8.02% 8.02%
  • Age 45+ 5.19% 5.19%

Affinity Category (Reach)

  • Gamers/Hardcore Gamers 89.4% 89.4%
  • Technophiles 7.21% 7.21%
  • Arts & Entertainment/TV & Video/Online Video 3.21% 3.21% Web Property

Unique Visitors

SEO Uniques


Minutes Spent On Site

How People Find Our Website

  • Referral 58.6% 58.6%
  • Direct 25.9% 25.9%
  • Organic 14.4% 14.4%
  • Email 1.1% 1.1%

* Data from (April 14 – May 15, 2019)


Discord is the dominant communications platform for gamers worldwide. Even though thousands of servers exist, ours stands out.

Our Discord server has over 7,000 members, which puts us in the top .01% of all servers online. Our community is growing and we have a high rate of engagement. We were approached by Discord in 2016 and were given a VIP server and a vanity URL, which also makes finding and accessing our server easier.

Affiliate Sales

We can generate additional revenue for you! Our coupon code web page is visited by tens of thousands of gamers monthly and provides unique, static coupon codes that can be used at any time on your e-commerce site. The customer receives a discount and you increase sales: it’s a win-win!

Content Strategy

Our guides, tips and information on popular titles attract a global audience of all ages. Original articles are expertly crafted by professional, experienced players whose goal is to provide valuable knowledge and advice. Our bounce rate is unbelievably low, indicating a perfect match between viewers and content.

Blog Views

Sharing Actions

Brand Term Visits


Bounce Rate

* Data from (April 14 – May 15, 2017)


Our website is an authority with search engines. We are the #1 organic result for all major gaming related keywords we target in the San Diego market.

Social Media & Newsletter

Visits By Social Network

  • Facebook 62% 62%
  • Reddit 23% 23%
  • Twitter 8% 8%
  • Google + 6% 6%
  • Disqus 0.5% 0.5%
  • Other 0.5% 0.5%

* Data from (April 14 – May 15, 2017)

Our Email Newsletter Subscribers Are 45K+ Strong


Our Discord Community is 5K+ and Growing Daily

LAN center customers are auto-enrolled alongside our online members

Twitch Broadcasting

Our official live stream features commentary of our in-house tournaments and dedicated play from our professional broadcast talent. We can put your logo on our game overlays and below-the-fold content to maximize online exposure to our audience of thousands, as well as insert commercials and make mention of your brand on stream.

Retail Location: Integrate Your Products for Maximum Impact

As the only eSports training & public gaming arena in San Diego County (population: over 3 million), we’ve cornered the market.
Don’t miss the opportunity to put your unique creations into the hands of our customers!

Direct Exposure

Make your products available to use on our game stations. Our staff will educate the customer on the features & benefits.


Generate Excitement

Connecting with players in a local gaming arena creates a positive emotion and word-of-mouth about your brand.

Product Testing

Use our active LAN gaming center as a real-world environment to gauge reactions and collect feedback.

Retail Sales

We can prominently display and sell select products to customers at our location.

Referral Sales

We can distribute marketing collateral that informs customers on how to purchase directly from you or your preferred vendor.



Utilize our diverse customer base to gain valuable insight into what gamers of all ages desire in a product.

Media Mentions

Become A Sponsor

Because we’re passionate, lifelong gamers, our fan base recognizes our devotion to quality brands and companies that understand them. By affiliating with us, you are injecting your organization into an important part of the rapidly growing ecosystem. Show everyone you’re the real deal, let us spread the word!


Retail Store:

  • Expose and educate our customers about your products
  • Display and distribute your marketing collateral
  • Merchandise can be sold on premise or via referral


  • Dedicated landing page on our website
  • Product reviews on our blog
  • E-mail newsletter
  • Streaming video (twitch) during online tournaments
  • Social media & feed spotlights
  • Discord server


  • Exposure to schools and Esports teams, co-branding opportunities
  • Recognition and mentions at our events (local & online)
  • Research & testing of new product, collect customer impressions and feedback via surveys

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