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Minecraft at GameSync is a best-in-class experience with limitless possibilities. Essentially a virtual lego-like building game that has become a household name for kids around the world, with Minecraft you can learn, build, create, interact with others and much more. It’s by far our most popular title for kids ages 6 and up.

We have taken the Minecraft experience to a whole new level, both in terms of our service and the technology we use. We offer the following educational and entertainment services:

We are the only company anywhere in the world that offers all these kinds of services, and they’re available 7 days a week, year-round.

Parent Approved On-Premise Server

Our facility hosts a dedicated 64-bit Minecraft server built and operated by our experts. With a private server, limitless creativity becomes possible and a whole new world opens itself.  The best part is that it’s safe for Minecrafters of all ages. Normally, public internet servers exposed children to inappropriate language and/or malicious users who try and “kill” them. We’ve heard numerous stories from parents whose kids became very upset and even shed tears after being mistreated while on public servers. Our platform offers a safe haven and has many other benefits:

  • Our server is completely private and locked down.  It is not accessible to anyone outside our local network.
  • We follow an open creative policy and allow users to gain extensive modification and control – tell us what features you want and we’ll make it happen!  Make your own rules, teleport (tp), spawn items, switch between game modes (creative, survival, hardcore, adventure), change the weather/day/time and and essentially any open command desired (there is such a huge range/variety!).  Create the world you envision with limitless possibilities.
  • We offer ATLauncher with countless ModPacks
  • Having a local server on a dedicated network means the in-game speed and reliability are vastly enhanced when compared to an Internet (“wide area network”) based server.

Although people around the world have knocked on our door to access our server, only GameSync players can use it! This means that you will never have to wait to login or experience any lag. While hosting a server takes time and maintenance, we feel it’s definitely worthwhile.

High End Game Stations

Although there are many versions of Minecraft, the most complete and the most flexible play can only happen on a computer, and we’ve got the best anywhere! Our game stations are packed with high quality video cards, memory, power supplies and more. Players report that their speed and accuracy with the game increases dramatically when playing on our equipment.

GSWorld: A Breathtaking Environment

We’ve spent thousands of hours customizing GSWorld, our own continuously evolving Minecraft world. Features include:

  • Working beacons that give bonuses to the players in the area
  • Iconic characters such as Nyan Cat and Mario
  • A working mine cart roller coaster with launching station
  • Examples of how to make standing art work using creative mode
  • A working greenhouse for farming
  • A mini archery range for practicing shooting the bow

Help build a better GSWorld!

Everyone has an opportunity to contribute to the shared experience of GSWorld at GameSync. When players make something cool, we ask for the x, y, & z points to save the project. This allows Minecrafters to resume where they left off next time they come in, and for all future players to see. By looking at these buildings and projects, players can also learn how to make better versions of them.

Import Your World

Do you have a customized Minecraft world that you want your friends to play?  Email it to us as a compressed file, share it with us on the cloud (dropbox, onedrive, etc.), or bring it in on a USB memory stick. We’ll test your world and ensure it’s working perfectly on our equipment before your game begins.

With this unique combination, there are many possibilities.  For example, if a world was made using “creative” mode, we can issue a command on our server to allow a group of friends to play it in “survival” mode and vice-versa.

Your world is located in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves

Our server and your world: a great combination!

In-Game Experts

Our Minecraft experts really know their stuff! For example, did you know that a bow at maximum power can destroy a boat and also a minecart? If you’re not an adventurer, you may get bored of the survival features – no problem! We can move you to creative mode, where you can build awesome structures!

Parental Safety

Many parents have told us that they dislike their children using public Minecraft servers, as the language can be foul and the players can be less than nice at times. These issues do not arise at our birthdays and private events, making the experience much more enjoyable and pleasing. Parents can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

After School Enrichment Program

Our newly introduced after school Minecraft program gives kids an opportunity to work together in-game and share tips, tricks, worlds and other creative efforts, all within a community space that encourages interaction and development of social skills.  Parents/guardians may choose to drop off their child(ren) and let them work with other kids and our Minecraft experts in a safe, supervised environment.

About Minecraft Accounts

The manufacturer of Minecraft requires a paid account in order to play. It must be a PC or Mac account (XBOX, Playstation, iOS or Android will not work). Bring in your own account or rent one from us for only $5.

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