Gaming Birthday Parties!

Who’s Having Their Party at GameSync? The Coolest Kids (Thanks to the Coolest Parents!)

Imagine the ultimate birthday party for your gamer kids – where you can sit back, relax and know everyone is having a great time. Playing at GameSync is exciting and offers an engaging experience, whether cooperative, leadership/team-building or competitive. We’re the only high-tech arena in all of San Diego and we aim to please with this amazingly fun and original gaming concept!

Birthdays Since 2012

Kids Served

Minecraft Objects Built

minecraft-steve-diamond-armor-450x450Minecraft Birthday: A Brilliant Idea

Do you have a Minecraft kid in your house? Choose this game for an exciting group session where kids can build objects, solve puzzles and explore endless possibilities. Our private on-premise server means they’re free from the dangers associated with the public Internet such as abusive language or inappropriate game actions taken by malicious people.


You Bring the Guests, We Bring the Fun!

  • With thousands of game choices, we have something for everyone
  • Play on an incredible 1 GIG x 1 GIG business class fiber network
  • Our hosted server and enterprise local network ensures lightning fast speed
  • Flexible packages and pricing options make putting together your event easy and hassle-free

Kid Tested and Parent Approved

We are very grateful to our guests who have offered their experiences on our Yelp Page (every review is 5-stars). Examples:

“We just had my son’s 8th Birthday party at Gamesync and it was “awesome!!”…his words AND ours! My son chose a Minecraft party and it was completely interactive with all of them in the same virtual world but at different stations.  It was really fun to listen to them playing with each other! The staff was great too…knowledgeable and good with the kids. And as for easy and no hassle….you can’t go wrong here.”
A A. (San Diego)

2/23/14, Yelp Review

“Thanks so much for helping me throw “the best birthday party ever” according to my 10-year-old son. All the boys really had a great time at Gamesync. The staff went over and above to get everyone logged on and playing what they wanted. Even teaching them how to acquire new swords and other Minecraft strategies. For the party planner (me), they were very responsive, informative, helpful and an overall pleasure to work with to make the party a huge success. Thank you!!!”
Cynthia K. (Carlsbad)

2/13/14, Yelp Review

Want to read even more reviews?  Check out our survey results.
“We celebrated my son’s 11th birthday in GameSync Gaming Center today. We had 10 guests including my son. They all loved the game choices and the ambience there. The staffs are amazing. We received an exceptional customer service. They were very polite and patient. They helped us with setting up and cleaning up as well.”
Sonia O. (San Diego)

2/22/14, Yelp Review

Included with Your Party

We offer a variety of unique features with every event.

Exclusive Access To “The Crown Jewel of LAN Centers” – Now with Fiber Internet!

Featuring the best in computer gaming hardware, peripherals, and 1 GIG fiber optic powered Internet, and built by a team of passionate gamers and experienced technicians, the GameSync arena is considered among the finest in the world and is yours to use exclusively during your party.

Access to Our Full Library of Popular PC Games

While our most popular title for kid’s parties is Minecraft, we offer dozens of other titles that are a huge hit with both kids and adults.

All Packages Include These Features:

Exclusive use of our venue (known as “the crown jewel of LAN centers”)
Access (parental controlled) to our full library of popular games
Professional (kid approved!) game coach who runs your event, answers questions, and provides strategies and tips

Fiber optic business-grade LAN for peak network performance

Receive a 15% discount on snacks and drinks & on computer/tablet/phone repairs

Common Questions

Managing a group of kids can be challenging enough. If the idea of running a birthday party has you overwhelmed, don’t sweat it – we’ve got you covered.

What length of time do you recommend?
A two hour event typically translates into one and a half hours of actual game time (depending on factors such as check-in/setup time, cleanup, any serving of food, cake, etc.) A three hour event has always been our most popular. Kids love the extra time and it takes the pressure off – we strongly recommend it! If you would like this experience, please choose a three hour package.
What days / times are available?
We offer day and nighttime options every day of the week except Friday. Day parties can start between 8am-12pm and night parties can start at (or after) 9pm. Exceptions may be made, please contact us with your requirements. Our schedule can fill up fast – we recommend you book early! Be sure to check our calendar to avoid schedule conflicts when making your reservation.
What games do you offer?
Most PC gamers know what they love to play, and we probably have their favorite titles. We offer a variety of categories that range from racing and action to adventure and puzzle games. For a full list of our PC games, click here.
Is this just for kids?
Absolutely not!  A large percentage of our reservations are made for teenagers and adults. For example:

  • Graduation parties
  • Boys & girls clubs
  • Bar Mitzvah
  • Holiday parties

We have many popular titles that are more adult-themed as well.

Can players switch games during the party?
Yes! Each user has full control and can exit a game and return to the game menu chooser at any time.
Can my child play in his Minecraft world with his friends?
minecraft-characterMinecraft party is our most popular event – it makes for an exciting group session. We offer customized world importing to our server! If you have a customized world, you can access it during the party. Please email it to us as a compressed file, share it with [email protected] on the cloud (dropbox, onedrive, etc.), bring it in on a USB memory stick or burn to disc before your event so we can install and test it. If you don’t know where the files are stored or how to copy them, please contact us and we’ll be glad to help you. For more on this process, please read our Minecraft page.
Are Minecraft accounts required to play?
The manufacturer of Minecraft requires a paid account in order to play. It must be a PC or Mac account (XBOX, Playstation, iOS or Android will not work). Players can bring their own account or rent from us for only $5. Our accounts allow players to choose a popular “skin” to use during the game, such as Batman, Master Chief, Iron Man, Laura Craft, etc.
How many people can I invite?
Our primary game room supports up to 15 simultaneous players. We’ve found that most parties average 10-12 guests plus parents and friends. Our venue is fairly small – any additional required seating can be arranged outside with chairs if desired.
What about food and drinks?
    Several of our packages include food and beverages, but you are also more than welcome to bring your own. If you choose to purchase from our concessions area, we stock the most popular products for gamers and we offer a 10% discount off the labeled price. Parents often let each guest pick a drink from the fridge – there’s a wide variety to choose from and we’ve installed convenient beverage holders next to each gaming station. If you bring food, please be advised that we do not have refrigeration available. We do have a folding table available for you and some extra folding chairs if needed. You are also welcome to bring your own.    
Can I bring decorations?
    Yes. Please allow time before the event if you choose to decorate the space.  
What can parents do during the event?
Bring a laptop and use our WiFi free of charge! Parents also have a unique opportunity to connect with the kids and watch or join their game. Please note that as our venue is not large, we have limited seating available for guests beyond the 15 player stations available.
What add-ons do you offer?
Customize your package with any of the following add-on features:

  • Minecraft Account: All players of Minecraft require an account from the manufacturer, Mojang.  Our game center uses the best version of Minecraft, which is made for a Windows-based PC.  If you have a Minecraft account for Xbox, Playstation, iOS, etc. it will not work on the PC system.  We have PC accounts available to rent for only $5. Players also get to choose a popular “skin” to use during the game, such as Batman, Master Chief, Iron Man, Laura Craft, etc.
  • Pizza: Don’t want to lift a finger? We can order and have hot pizza delivered for your party.
  • Gaming Shirts: Extra shirts are available if you have a larger group of guests.
I'm a tech lover. Can you tell me about your network & hardware specs?
All of the equipment your group will be using at GameSync is described in detail on our about page.


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