Walk-in Rates

Use our gear or bring your own PC, console or peripherals. No cash please.

Note: our “Elite PC” features upgraded hardware specs – available for just $1 more/hr!

* Military discount includes active duty, reservists/national guard, veterans & registered dependents with a a valid ID, FRG’s. CO’s: bring in your troops for a team building exercise!

Benefits of Playing at GameSync Include:

Gaming with friends & others is much more enjoyable than sitting at home


Playing in the same room yields better communication between team members

It’s the best way to find teammates for tournaments or to practice/scrim together

Making new friends who share the same hobby is incredibly valuable and rewarding

Enjoy your matches hassle and worry-free in our 1Gbps fiber arena.

No longer will you have to deal with these common issues:

Drastic lag/ping spikes

Random FPS drops/skipped frames

Blue screens


Patching errors


Mouse/keyboard/sound problems

Frequent disconnections

Memory leaks


We offer coaching, advice and resources for aspiring athletes and teams worldwide

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