Computer Science. Math. Team Building. Unlimited Creativity.

GameSync offers computer science and math education designed for kids and teens that help to develop creativity, teamwork, communication, and problem solving. Classes primarily use Minecraft and include a wide range of topics including game design, Java programming and electrical engineering concepts, all of which offer pathways to a possible future career. Students can also increase their knowledge of Minecrafting techniques, modding, and learning how to think outside the box and become more than just a casual player. Class size is limited to only 14 crafters: the low student to instructor ratio allows for more individual attention. computer_science_minecraft_kidsSome of the topics covered include:

  • Basic Minecrafting 101: everything you need to know to get started.
  • Redstone: Wiring your world.
  • Architecture: Learn about different design techniques for impressive buildings.
  • Changing Textures: Altering the look of blocks, mobs, and more.
  • Re-versioning worlds: How to back up worlds you are editing.
  • MCEdit: Creating custom landscapes.
  • Creating adventure maps: Make a map to share with your friends they can play through.
  • Command blocks: Learn about command blocks and ways to program them.
  • Working with ATLauncher and ModPacks

…plus much, much more! We offer programs on game design concepts, how to design mods, and redstone (electrical engineering)  and java programming which teaches job skills that can be applied in the future.  The weekend programs are ongoing every Saturday and Sunday starting at 8am. Students can bring USB memory sticks to copy their work. A printed certificate of completion is offered after 10 classes.

About the instructors: Willow is a Minecraft expert who specializes in the unmodified version of the game (also known as “vanilla”). She has learned many tricks and tips through the countless hours she has played, including how to be the best fighter, house builder and game-beating strategist. Besides being an avid Minecraft player, she also has teaching experience as a volunteer at her local library. Henry teaches and plays primarily modded Minecraft, such as ATL and Revenge of the C-Team. These mod packs have many mods inside them, such as ones that allow you to fly to space and blend your own smoothies. He has extensive knowledge of both how these mods work individually, and with each other. Having built his own personal computer part by part, he knows how computers work and can easily pinpoint why a computer might not be running Minecraft correctly. His overall love of computers and gaming makes him both a good instructor and assistant.

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