Twitch Friday Nights

Start your weekend at our streamer's meetup! Talk about the scene, play casual or competitive on LAN and more! Or if you're looking to build a streaming career, grow your audience by partnering with other streamers. In addition to hanging out, you have the option to join us as a guest on our official live stream at We meet Fridays at 4pm and continue all night - stop by any time!

Join the TwitchCon Party at GameSync!

Every year, GameSync LAN center hosts a 24 hour multi day gaming event for all attendees of TwitchCon – a celebration of all things Twitch, gaming, and broadcasting. Come visit us before, during or after TwitchCon and immerse yourself with best-in-class Steelseries peripherals, DXRacer gaming chairs, and more!  All of our network equipment is riding on a dedicated business fiber Internet connection for incredible ping times and low latency.  We even have OBS on every station for streaming.

No matter where TwitchCon is held each year, we invite you to stop by and join the party!


Become A Streamer!

gamesync_twitch_streamThink you’ve got what it takes to stream fun and exciting content on a consistent basis? GameSync partners with streamers who want to volunteer their time to help build our account. Using the GameSync brand as a tool to leverage our exposure, our goal is to become a twitch streaming partner so that we can eventually get a massive number of continuous views worldwide. This will not only help grow our eSports organization, but it will make the streamers very well known in the gaming world. Yes, you can become famous from this! In the future, if  we can build a solid income stream, we can discuss revenue sharing with our top partners.


Partner Streaming Rules

Partner Streaming Rules

We would like to give you an opportunity to show us what you’ve got. Please review the GameSync rules of streaming to ensure the stream remains entertaining and appropriate for all who will be watching before you apply. We will watch you stream for a probational period and, should you pass the test, you will become a permanent streamer. It is preferred that you have previous experience streaming with Twitch. There might be tutorials and tips in the future, but for now, we are looking for experienced streamers.

Keep in mind, all of these rules are preliminary so GameSync holds the right to add more or change any of the rules above at a moments notice, should they deem it necessary. Also, if you violate any of the rules, GameSync holds the right to revoke your access to stream on their page.

1. All Twitch rules of conduct must be followed. Their rules of conduct can be found here.

2. All new streamers must be at least 16 years of age. If you are currently a streamer through Twitch and are under the age of 16, please let us know and we will take a look at your stream to see if it is suitable for our channel.

3. Keep swearing down to a minimum (we have viewers under the age of 18 watching), but we understand if one slips here or there.

4. Follow a pre-determined schedule for streaming. We will be scheduling multiple streamers for our channel, so we need to have consistency and dependability. This is to ensure that we have smooth transitions from one streamer to another.

5. Provide fun and entertaining content. We want to have viewers come and enjoy their time and use this medium as a way for new people to see what GameSync is all about and ask any questions that may come up. If you are streaming for us, you need to be that good first impression.

6. Refrain from raging at the game and/or other players (especially others at GameSync). Similar to the #5, we want to put on a good face for anyone who might be watching, and getting angry at the game or other players does not welcome new guests.

Apply Now! Click Here. Application

  • We may send text message updates about the stream. Please provide a working cellphone number with SMS service if possible.
  • Skype/Facebook/Twitter/Google+/Steam/Snapchat/etc.
  • For example: gameplay, caster, tips and tricks, etc.
  • CPU, Memory, Graphics Card, Sound Card, etc.
  • Include Your Upload Speed & Download Speed
  • By clicking the submit button, you agree to the streaming rules and terms as stated above.

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