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GameSync is Esports. We’re packed with best-in-class equipment in the perfect atmosphere.

We’re the Mecca of gaming in San Diego and a global online tournament organization.

Experience the latest peripherals from HyperX, including their mechanical keyboards, headsets & mice. Use link to save on select gear!

We feature DXRacer chairs for maximum comfort. You can also purchase from them and receive special pricing.

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february, 2021

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Compete in tournaments with other centers around the world

Our up-to-date hardware & fiber network offers a faster experience


It’s a friendly environment to hang out or make new friends

Our lounge is social, fun & more rewarding than playing at home

We’re perfect for visitors from out of town or for a break from parents/kids

Bragging rights: you are playing in a true digital performance center

Communication is real-time and aided by body language

Your time & in-game progress earn coins redeemable for rewards

“If you consider yourself a real gamer, you have to come out and support this place.”

Jason 'Psahmn' Williamson

“LANs are how I started my career. Go here if you’re serious about eSports.”

Jordan 'n0thing' Gilbert - Cloud 9 eSports Team Member

“Went for my second CS session and it was great! Players of all range of skill show up. The staff were excellent.”

Jordan 'Byscuit' McIntosh

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Counter-Strike global celebrity Jordan ‘n0thing’ Gilbert at GameSync (CBS-8 News)

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Looking for a unique venue to host your party? GameSync is the perfect destination for casual and serious gamers of all ages. Let our dedicated party staff help you make your event exceptional!

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Virtual birthdays & online esports tournaments

We plan & host fun, affordable gaming competitions Worldwide

Esports: The Athlete’s Next Step

Esports: The Athlete’s Next Step

There is a rush that you get as a player before a game. Playing semi-professional soccer was the highest point I reached after college, but knowing I would be playing against ex-professionals and other ex-college players still created a buzz inside of me. You went...

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