GameSync: The Ultimate Gaming Experience

Welcome to GameSync, San Diego’s only state-of-the-art, amazingly fun gaming center and one of the highest quality LAN centers in the world! You are invited to participate in a single or multi-user group game environment that is beyond superb. Engage in cooperative team-building or intense competition. Our arena was built for everyone and is kid-friendly and safe for children and young adults. Think of us as a modern arcade, but much more fun and thrilling!

Check out our reviews (Hint: every one is 5 stars!)

The reviews are in: our biggest attraction, GameSync’s private party service, is a hit! For an affordable rate, we’ll run a birthday or other event for you, complete with a gaming coach on hand to enhance the experience. You bring the guests, we bring the fun and you won’t have to lift a finger. It’s a memorable experience everyone will love.

  • “We just had my son’s 8th Birthday party at Gamesync and it was “awesome!!”…his words AND ours! My son chose a Minecraft party and it was completely interactive with all of them in the same virtual world but at different stations.  It was really fun to listen to them playing w each other! The staff was great too…knowledgeable and good with the kids. And as for easy and no hassle….you can’t go wrong here.” - A A. (San Diego, CA) 2/23/14
  • “Thanks so much for helping me throw “the best birthday party ever” according to my 10-year-old son. All the boys really had a great time at Gamesync. The staff went over and above to get everyone logged on and playing what they wanted. Even teaching them how to acquire new swords and other Minecraft strategies. For the party planner (me), they were very responsive, informative, helpful and an overall pleasure to work with to make the party a huge success. Thank you!!!” - Cynthia K. (Carlsbad, CA) 2/13/14
  • My 12 year old nephew’s birthday party at Gamesync was a hit! The kids were so happy to play. They chilled with their snacks and drinks (safely in cup holders) and played video games to their hearts content for 2 hours. Very cool place and perfect for a gamers party. You are allowed to bring in snacks, food and cake, even decorate. The kids play, eat pizza/snacks, everyone sings happy birthday: you’re in, you’re out, you’re done. Would gladly do this again and save the hassle of a traditional party which a 12 year old thinks is lame anyway. He was on cloud 9.Bonus – they had a Nintendo set up and let my 6 yr old play too.” - Nancy F. (San Diego, CA) 12/2/13
  • “We celebrated my son’s 11th birthday in GameSync Gaming Center today. We had 10 guests including my son. They all loved the game choices and the ambience there. The staffs are amazing. We received an exceptional customer service. They were very polite and patient. They helped us with setting up and cleaning up as well.” - Sonia O. (San Diego, CA) 2/22/14
  • “We had a group of boys for my son’s 13th birthday party and they had a really fun time! The staff was polite and helpful which was great because a few of the kids weren’t regular gamers. And they were patient about the fact that we had more kids than I originally RSVP’d for and accommodated us nicely.” - T W. (San Diego, CA) 2/2/14
  • “My son loved it.  He and 4 friends could play the same game together.  Safe environment, snacks and drinks available and very helpful people.  and free Wi-Fi to do your on thing while the kids play.” - Doreen T. (San Diego, CA) 9/9/13
  • “We had my daughter’s 11th birthday party at Gamesync and it was a success. The kids had an great time and several said it was the best birthday party they ever attended. I think the kids could have stayed there for hours.” - Suzanne S. (San Diego, CA) 3/16/14

Why Play At GameSync When I Can Play At Home?

League Of Legends LogoYou have food in your house but you still go out to eat. Similarly, there are so many reasons to join the GameSync experience, including:

  • Our cutting-edge hardware & network speed offers a better experience
  • Group gaming in our dedicated arena is more fun & rewarding than gaming alone at home
  • Playing in the same room yields better communication between team members
  • It’s a safe, friendly environment – hang out, eat, drink and relax or make new friends
  • Bragging rights: you are playing in an elite LAN center unlike any other

Players tell us they perform better and are more concentrated – this is partially due to our enterprise-class network and dedicated low-latency internet connection. Our stations are optimized to perfection, plus we perform all the regular maintenance, hardware & software updates, patches, upgrades and system tuning. We truly are one of the highest quality LAN centers on Earth and we’re operated by people who care.

Games For Kids, Teens And Adults

With so many games available, we’ve hand-picked the most popular, as well as the ones you voted we should carry.  Our complete list features hundreds of titles, from modern hits to older classics, including League of Legends, Minecraft, Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike, World of Warcraft, Tribes Ascend, World of Tanks, Trackmania Nations, Lord of the Rings Online, Mechwarrior Online, Dota 2, Guild Wars 2, Starcraft 2, Garry’s Mod, Killing Floor, Left 4 Dead 1&2, Portal 1&2, Quake, Cave Story +, Super Meat Boy, Super Monday Night Combat and Planetside 2.

GameSync Game Room StationsWe fully endorse and abide by the ratings set forth from the ESRB.  A minor aged 17 or younger will require parental signature to play M or T Rated Games.

Technical Specs

Prepare to dominate the competition with our high-end gaming rigs, peripherals, and unbeatable enterprise-class network infrastructure. Everything was built from the ground up just for gaming.


Selected from years of computer and gaming experience, our hardware is continuously being upgraded as technology improves.

  • Processor: Driven by Intel i5 (or better)
  • Memory: 16GB high speed gaming RAM
  • Video card: GeForce GTX 660 Ti 2GB 192-bit GDDR5 (software tuned and optimized)
  • Sound Card: Xonar DG with gaming optimized headphone amp
  • Power Supply: Seasonic 750W 80 PLUS GOLD Certified Full Modular Active PFC
  • Casing:  Housed in our custom wiring bunker with a Cooler Master full tower case

Gaming Tower Side View


Hand-picked by the most serious of gamers, you’ll love our top-tier peripherals.

  • Monitor: LG 27″ 1080p. Large, immersive display reduces ripping or tearing even when high quality settings are enabled
  • Headphone: JVC HA-RX700. Quality sound reproduction with accurate mids and bass, 50mm Neodymium driver unit and ring port structure
  • Microphone: Zalman clip-on mic (a favorite among the Counter-Strike crowd)
  • Mouse: Logitech G400. Perfect tracking with 1000hz polling rate and adjustable DPI from 400-3600
  • Mousepad: Allsop Raindrop. Features a highly taut weave that creates a slick, seamless surface for pixel-precise targeting and tracking
  • Keyboard: Cooler Master CM Storm Quickfire Rapid – Cherry MX Brown Switches (10-keyless) with PS/2 connector for lower latency hardware interrupts, and full “nktro” (literally hit every key at once)


You’ll be playing on a dedicated business class WAN Internet connection for the fastest ping response. Our room is wired with low-latency network cable and fully validated termination.  Our firewalls and switches are managed, corporate-level appliances that we optimize for gaming.

Private Server

Our own on-premise dedicated server is perfect for a multi-player environment such as Minecraft.  Benefits include a safer and faster experience than using a public internet server. We can also issue commands to enhance the in-game experience.


Physical Plant MapOur design aesthetics and principles give us the opportunity to offer a clean, fresh experience to arena participants:

  • Room materials: constructed using sound dampening materials, dedicated, redundant 110volt 12 gauge electrical wire with power conditioners and backup power supply systems
  • Cooling and ventilation: “green” energy-efficient HVAC system with wifi thermostat, new duct work and vents strategically placed to provide perfect airflow
  • Design: A fully realized 3-D rendering was created using special software. The virtualized model guided every aspect of construction


Ultra Ergonomic Gaming ChairCustom made gaming table crafted from, durable, stain proof materials. ergonomic split-back chair with a 3D armrest, and adjustable height to give your arms and legs the comfort they deserve no matter your height. The intelligently designed backrest moves as you do and alleviates pressure in your back and gives the rest of your body a new level of comfort.

Your Own Private Party

Experience the ultimate birthday or other private event with a unique experience you can’t get anywhere else.

  • Birthday Parties
  • Room Rental
  • Private gaming functions
  • Private tournaments
  • Corporate events

Come in and enjoy best-in-class gaming (call to reserve birthdays or private events). Don’t forget to pick up your t-shirt for a FREE hour of gaming!