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In a long-awaited follow-up to a 2015 story on San Diego gaming legend Jordan ‘n0thing’ Gilbert, Jeff Zevely (“The Zevely Zone”) visited GameSync Esports center in Kearny Mesa to cover the rise of competitive gaming and to interview our staff. He came on the 51st weekly Sync or Swim Super Smash Ultimate tournament, and we treated him to some tips and tricks on the game while we livestreamed on

In the 2015 story, Jeff profiled Jordan ‘n0thing’ Gilbert, an esports professional, which at that time, was a job most people had never heard of. But now, as our founder Agragati Siegel explained, gaming is gearing up to rival levels only seen by the top sports broadcasts. “Next year, online gaming viewership will likely meet or surpass the NFL,” he said.

Our manager, Seddu Namakajo, when asked how much gamers can make today, referred to $10 million purse offered at a tournament last year. We told Jeff how professional gamers now have millions of fans and travel the planet competing with teams. “Parents used to get mad at their kids for sitting in a room playing video games and now kids can be a professional athlete playing games,” Seddu said.

“At 45-years old, Agragati has become a sort of the Yoda of esports who says the joy from the joystick keeps us young at heart,” Jeff said.

Jeff Zevely’s Hilarious Facebook Promotional Video

Jeff shot a brief promo piece for the story while at GameSync. The producer mentioned that it’s the first time ever he’s seen someone choke Jeff on camera! Jeff also gets burned playing Smash with our tournament organizer. Check it out below:

Watch Jeff Zevely Play Smash Against GameSync

Here’s the VOD from our stream where Jeff Zevely played against our Smash tournament organizer Jordyn Budiman (video skips ahead to 36:07):

Raw Video Footage

Here’s the raw video footage of the scene being filmed for television and some behind the scenes photos:

Check our Jeff’s original written story on the CBS-8 news website here. Learn more about Smash at GameSync here.

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