COVID-19 Coronavirus Update

As a locally owned company, we are truly committed to the safety and well-being of our community.
Although we are not required to close, we have considered it – but the reasons to remain open
are many. With schools closed, there will be a lack of affordable childcare in the community.
Students may have no other option than to be watched by relatives that are older or immuno-compromised, and more at risk. Some students will simply have nowhere to go. We also have a long-standing reputation of keeping at-risk youth off the streets, and some of our customers are looking for support. And a number of regulars have implored us not to close.

We have therefore made the decision to remain open. We believe the positives for the community of
staying open and the mental health benefits outweigh the risk. This was not a decision that was made
lightly, and we truly understand the concern. We have ramped up our sanitary processes (including using and making available clorox wipes, soap and hand sanitizer) and are taking this very seriously. We have canceled all tournaments until further notice. We will be seating people at the proper distance from each other as much as possible and enacting social distancing. We will not be increasing prices and will continue $4 sale rates and discounted day passes.

We will continue to monitor the situation and adjust accordingly. Feel free to send any questions or
comments to us at Thank you!

To keep things light in the midst of this situation, here is our offering to the community:

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