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Our Super Smash Ultimate Thusday Night Fights are on! Come any time starting at 5pm for check-in and friendlies Then, at 7pm, let the brackets begin! Singles and doubles offered. The price is only $5 entry and $5 for the prize pool. Yes, there are cash winners every week!  We expect between 40-50 people each week! Get ready for a super fun, super amazing experience.

This is currently the only weekly you can find anywhere in San Diego, and one of the few in the country! 

Join us at our weekly meetups on Wednesdays from 4pm to 12am. Come any time to play pick-up-games and meet your fellow Overwatch heroes. You can also join a team and participate in our competitive Overwatch leagues to earn your place on the leaderboard, win tournaments, win prizes and start blazing your path to eSports glory!

Either way, 6v6 on LAN is an incredibly fun way to play – you’ll have a blast!

Play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with other players from around SoCal in twice weekly meetups on Thursdays from 4pm-12am and Saturdays from 10am-2am. We encourage as many people to come as possible so we can organize 10-mans (we balance the teams and use our on-premise server for a lag-free experience). It’s a super fun, exciting way to play like you’ve never experienced before!

Note: we’re looking for organizers! For more information, please chat Agragati.

Twitch Friday Nights

Start your weekend at our streamer's meetup! Talk about the scene, play casual or competitive on LAN and more! Or if you're looking to build a streaming career, grow your audience by partnering with other streamers. In addition to hanging out, you have the option to join us as a guest on our official live stream at We meet Fridays at 4pm and continue all night - stop by any time!


San Diego native Jordan ‘n0thing’ Gilbert is one of the best Counter-Strike players in the world and a professional competitive gamer. He has been supportive of our efforts for many years and considers LAN centers to be a critical pathway to becoming a pro. Join our club and be informed of the next meetup where you can ask him questions, hear his views on eSports & more!



ggCircuit is non-stop competition available every time you log in at GameSync. Compete on whatever level you choose and earn achievements and coins which can be redeemed for prizes. Any day that you arrive, you could be the top of the in-store leaderboard, the top of a supported game leaderboard (like League of Legends), the top of a regional leaderboard, or even the top of the global leaderboard. Whatever level you’re at, you have a chance to win! The more you play, the more you earn.

ggCircuit occasionally organizes tournaments that players at LAN centers around the world can participate in.

Join twice a month Minecraft meetups on Sundays. It’s a great place for kids to meet and play with each other and connect in a safe, friendly environment.

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