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Meet Your New Gaming Center Advisor

Watch this informative Interview with Agragati on The Wide World of Esports, all about building esports centers.

Receive Expert Guidance from Agragati, an Industry Pioneer

Agragati has been developing successful esports centers since 2012 when he founded GameSync, known as the “Mecca of Gaming” in San Diego, CA.

Business Owners Advised Globally

Existing Centers Upgraded

Avg. $ Saved on Hardware & Software

Avg. # of Months of Pre-Launch Time Saved

Customer Video Spotlight

The owner of Elite Esports LA contacted Agragati to help design an affordable, appealing gaming center with a variety of revenue drivers. Included in the soultion were custom PC’s, a stage, a 4K projector and TV screens along with streaming/production, and a bar for refreshments. Watch the video to see the results and be sure to visit them if you’re in Los Angeles!

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Hardware Partner Discounts

We have arranged special pricing with our awesome partners for owners looking to purchase or upgrade equipment

Newegg is the leading supplier of tech products in North America. Our dedicated point of contact specifically focuses on helping LAN centers save money by identifying the best deals on desktop PCs, consoles, servers, software, cables & more, all customized to your needs. We’re happy to make the introductions for you so you can get the lowest possible pricing. Contact us.

We love to use Zyxel enterprise gateways/switches/WAPs for centers (including our own). Their Nebula system lets you manage your entire network from one screen (“single pane of glass”) plus they offer free security features that others charge fees for. We are an official reseller and guarantee lower pricing than anything you’ll find online. Learn more.

HyperX is our preferred partner for headsets, keyboards, mice and mouse pads. We have them deployed at every station in our center and they’re a huge hit! We can help you get top shelf gear shipped directly from them at a volume discount. Browse their online store to familiarize yourself with their great products, then contact us so we can make the introductions.

Management Solutions

Use these platforms to track users & time, manage your network, software, data & much more

Unless you’re prepared to waste countless hours manually updating games on each PC, then CCBoot is a must. Utilized by countless centers globally, this diskless solution uses a server with shared game drives and images to keep your LAN in perfect order (note: we can also help you with a custom server!) Enter reseller code GAMESYNC10 to get 10% off your monthly subscription when you check out on their website.

A far less popular but still viable alternative, CCDisk uses a drive that’s already installed in your PC for the operating system. Save on volume licenses and lower CCDisk license costs, manage the OS on each PC individually, and get the benefit of local disk boot speeds (a server is still used for game content). Enter reseller code GAMESYNC10 to get 10% off your monthly subscription when you check out on their website.

Use coupon code GAMESYNC on the Youngzsoft website ( to receive a discount off your license! Visit for more deals.

In addition to game management and billing, iCafeCloud has the unique ability to push game updates directly to your center, saving time and hassle. It is made by the same developer as CCBoot/CCDisk and is fully compatible with those systems. Enter reseller code GAMESYNC10 to get 10% off your monthly subscription when you check out on their website.

Gaming Chairs

We’ve got direct connections to the best bulk pricing you can find on Esports bucket style gaming chairs

DXRacer, in partnership with GameSync, is offering a coupon code that is the best discount you can find on their gaming chairs and other products! Simply use URL http://DXR.US/GAMESYNC and paste the code GAMESYNC into your shopping cart when you check out and you’ll see the discount applied to your order. This offer is valid for an unlimited number of uses and is sitewide. Learn more.

Technisport offers a wide variety of gaming chairs and desks. Use coupon code GAMESYNC to receive a big 12% off any purchases, anytime (may also be stackable with their website offers). Centers can also receive special bulk discounts with customized logo desig embroidery, color selection, color design & materials choices. Contact us for these special orders.  Browse

Value Added Providers

We are partnered with organizations and platforms that provide us with tools and systems to empower our clients. 

Matcherino features sponsor quests (advertisers pay money directly into your prize pool for your user’s clicks) plus ticketing, e-commerce and more – they’ve solved numerous challenges that operators face. We exclusively offer a partnership program where, among other things, Matcherino pays money into your events! Learn more.

iGames, Inc. is a 20+ year old marketing company specializing in various offers to help grow an esports center business. We are official partners of theirs and can provide you with various incentives as part of a broader service to your center. Contact us for more details.

Other Essential Providers

Trying to raise money to open your center? Credit Suite helps you get approved for credit lines and loans to start and grow your company using their network of investors and lenders. After doing our own independent research, we sound them to have excellent reviews and credibility, so we became a partner to expose our customers to their services. To get free information about business credit, loans, credit lines & EIN credit, use our referral link.

We are blown away by the platform that Square has developed for its customers and we regret not using them sooner! Previously, we were using a processor with interchange pass-through rates, but Square actually came in around the same pricing, but with much, much better hardware, software and support. We can introduce you to our dedicated contact. To get the best offers (including free processing on $1k of transactions), use our referral link.

It took us many years to find a web hosting provider that met our strict criteria, including uptime & affordability. Hawkhost’s pricing is simply unbelievable: it’s only about $2.25 per month. Their servers use SSDs and their support is fast and extremely good. We’ve had 100% uptime with perfect reliability and an great experience since we started hosting with them many years ago, and we’ve referred hundreds of people. To get the best pricing, use our referral link.

Expand Your Business into Broadcast Media 

If you’re not streaming content from your center, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to grow your fan base, add value to your brand, and engage the community, all while simultaneously serving your expansion goals. Agragati can help you leverage your existing IT infrastructure with minimal investment so you can start showcasing your events to gain the exposure you deserve. If you already have a stream but want to expand, he can provide guidance on content & distribution.

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Learn the Secrets of Free Marketing

Agragati has over 30 years of bootstrapping with an emphasis on online & guerrilla marketing, and social media.  He uses specific, methodical strategies to expose hundreds of thousands of people to his Esports center with little to no hard costs. The results speak for themselves:

San Diego Business Journal full page article featuring an interview with Agragati about his business and expansion plans in esports.

Discord Online Consultation


DM: Agragati#7539


During our initial business planning stages, Mr. Siegel was the only person that responded to our inquires regarding filling in the blanks of our business plan, and respond he did.  The level of professionalism and direction he gave us went above and beyond all expectations.  This man told us that he loves building Centers, and through our various correspondences, hours long phone calls and team viewer sessions, in a time frame spanning our business planning to being fully operational, he has been there every step of the way to answer our stupid questions and cheer us on.  We can honestly say that he does love building centers!

Stuart Runberg

Founder, The Vault Gaming Center

Latest TV Appearances

CBS-8 TV news story on Agragati’s center and his weekly Smash tournaments.

CBS-8 TV news story on Agragati’s pivot into online esports due to COVID-19 shutdown.

KPBS-FM headliner story on Agragati, Twitchcon and streaming.

NBC-7 / Telemundo-20 sports news (also posted to TV anchor Carlos Ramírez’ 500k+ followers).

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