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GREAT NEWS!  OSSIC X, the world’s first 3D-audio smart headphone that unlocks new dimensions of sound with any audio content, has partnered with GameSync gaming center for a special promotion. In addition to the pre-order discount already available on indiegogo, use the special link above and save an additional $20 off! No coupon code needed, the savings will be applied automatically.

By pairing advanced 3D-audio algorithms with head-tracking and individual anatomy calibration, their headset delivers incredibly accurate 3D sound to your ears — increasing the sense of auditory space, and acoustically recreating the way you hear the world everyday. OSSIC X is the world’s first smart headphone that uses anatomy calibration to playback incredibly immersive 3D audio tailored to the way you hear the world every day, known as your Head Related Transfer Function or HRTF.


How To Get The Savings

When you click on the special Indiegogo store link, you will be redirected to a special shopping cart page. Your next step is to scroll down and click on the image that looks like this:

Simply check out from this point and you will receive the savings. No coupon code needed! Your cart will show the extra savings and will look like this:

Note: actual shipment times are constantly being updated by the manufacturer but the current trajectory is for a July 2017 release.

Watch Our Reviews

OSSIC, the pioneers of 3D Audio, kindly invited the staff of GameSync LAN Gaming Center in San Diego, to their headquarters for a demonstration of their new headset. This is the first in a series of reaction videos.

Founder and CEO Agragati Siegel assesses the future of audio with the OSSIC X Headphones.

Second video coming soon!

Should I Spend So Much on a Headset?

Even with the huge savings, we understand that these are not inexpensive heatsets.  They represent a sizable investment. However, we feel it’s worth the cost. Consider that in mid-2016, they sold 2.6M on Kickstarter, meaning more than 9,000+ units, and quickly moved to presales. Obviously there is huge demand for this product. The goal of the OSSIC X headphone is to deliver calibration automatically. By using multiple drivers, each unique pinna can be used by ensonifying the appropriate section of the ear for the active HRTF, without requiring the user to put mics in their ears. Other benefits include:

  • Head-tracking technology moves the sound in relation to your head’s position in space
  • Near-field acoustic drivers can recreate a realistic soundfield
  • The headphones automatically calibrate to your individual head size and ear shape, allowing the sound to be played back to you exactly the way you uniquely hear the world.

Try a Headset in Person

Our LAN gaming center in San Diego features the OSSIC product. It’s a great pairing, as both of us are local startups in San Diego. OSSIC’s work on 3D audio solutions is unparalleled. One of their target markets for their 3D audio software and hardware solutions are PC Gamers, so and they are very interested in getting feedback from some of our players as they develop their technology.

About Us

Gamesync, a San Diego LAN center, helps showcase the best technology to southern California gamers by giving them the opportunity to play their favorite games with the best hardware. Gamers are responding to the technology with enthusiasm and excitement. Can you hear the future? GameSync is an official OSSIC showroom. If you are in the area, please feel free to drop by any time and try one. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – we never close! You can find our location on our contact page. If you have specific questions about their product, we strongly recommend you check out where you can read and post questions, or learn more about 3D Audio at

Click here to save 44%

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