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Add Time to Your LAN Center Account

Add funds to your LAN center account prior to arriving at GameSync. It’s as if you were paying for time at the counter but without the wait time and potential lines.


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If you wish to participate in an online or online+LAN event, kindly fill out the form below. Please be sure to enter all information accurately to ensure correct enrollment.

Make an IOU or Invoice Payment

You may also use this form to resolve any outstanding debts/IOU’s. If you were presented with an invoice for services, this form can also be used to pay any balance due.

Contribute to Our Fundraiser

We are raising $12,000 for five additional stations & peripherals. We would be grateful beyond words for your generous contribution to help strengthen our gaming community.

Birthdays & private parties: To set up a new reservation, click here. Once you have made your booking, you may use this form to pay the balance due.

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