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Are you itching to meet other LoL players in a fun environment? We now offer weekly gatherings dedicated to the game. Drop in Saturday nights starting at 6PM and get your game on! To learn more about League of Legends Satudays, please click here. (Note: we are not currently offering tournaments, so this is the only way to experience League in a social setting).

Tournament Rules

The following information is for all participants in our event.  It’s a simple flow, and if you’re a novice/ beginner, worry not as we have plenty of staff on hand to ensure a smooth experience.  You may also wish to read up on our player procedures to learn more about how we organize the games. Live updates with bracket information and results will be posted in-real time here.


The tournament structure is decided by how many teams enter. If 12 teams or less compete, the tournament will be in a “double-elimination” format. Teams will be placed in a bracket, and then advanced or moved to the “loser’s bracket” for their next game. When only two teams remain, the final will be contested as follows:

  • If the undefeated team wins the first game, the tournament is over and the undefeated team are champions.
  • If the loser’s bracket team wins the first game, the match becomes a “best-of-three”, with the loser’s bracket team being 1-0 up.

If 13 teams or more compete, the tournament will begin in a “single elimination” format. At the end of each round, one of two procedures will be followed. If 9 or more teams remain, the tournament will proceed in single elimination until a round is completed with 8 or fewer teams. If there are 8 or fewer teams remaining at the end of any single elimination round, the tournament will become “double elimination” and proceed as above from there.


  1. All players must register and have their fee paid before their first game starts. Pre-register and save money and time plus receive other benefits.
  2. Players may register in a group of any size, from a “full team” of 5 players all the way down to just themselves. Every effort will be made to form teams and to ensure no one is left out. In the event of an uneven number of players, players may be allowed to compete twice. Solo players will have first priority for this purpose.
  3. Each team must complete its roster of five players, and designate a team captain.

Game-Specific Rules

  1. Each tournament match will be “best-of-one,” except for the final, which will be as described above.
  2. Before each match, the team captains and the referee will hold a coin toss. The winner of the coin toss will choose which side of the map his team will defend (along with “first pick” or “last pick” as that entails). The exception would be in the final; in that case, no coin toss will be held after the first game and the teams will simply switch sides each subsequent game.
  3. All games will be contested on Summoner’s Rift, 5v5, Tournament Draft.
  4. After log-ins are complete, each team may select their player order (for purposes of picks and bans) in whatever order they like.
  5. The tournament will be played on the most recent live patch.
  6. In the event of a problem, a player may pause the game for any reason. They must then immediately report to the referee and explain the issue.
  7. All referee decisions are final.
  8. All teams and players must comply with the player procedures handout that will be issued at registration.


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