On Friday, July 7, GameSync launched a party and hosted two tournaments to promote NCSoft’s Master x Master game launch.  Attendees were able to play the title and participate for free during the event and were even able to play with the developers on a custom 5v5 match. As we promoted throughout the weekend, we exposed almost 100 people to the title over a 72 hour period. More information can be found at: http://www.playmxm.com/en/news/mxm-lan-center-launch-events

The sessions we observed were amazing and make us more excited to see future games and 5v5s. It was action-packed with a great performance from many of the players, even though most of them were new to the title.


The developers watching the players fire up their game

Playing the first games of the tournament

Our esports announcer streaming on twitch.tv/gamesync

Team red competing vs Team blue in our tournament

Sean Orlikowski (Brand Manager) and Bryan Langford (Senior Producer) of NCSOFT

Players who participated in the event all received T-Shirts, Posters, Lanyards, Pins, and other neat loot.  Even players who weren’t interested at first in the game at first or had no idea what the game was about ended up joining the second tournament because everyone was having such a great time. Master x Master will definitely be a staple of our future tournaments, and we would like for you to give this exciting new game a try next time you’re at GameSync!  If you want to join our next tournament, head over to the Tournaments page and stay informed on any new events happening at GameSync.

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