Welcome to Popcorn Practices! Open Meetups For Anyone

Come Alone or Bring Friends. Either Way, You’re Sure to Have a Blast!

Queue up together. Play against each other. Popcorn practices allow you to jump into a new experience every time you come. You don’t need to be part of a pre-existing team. You join one when you walk in the door!  The experience is different every time. It’s a fun PUG (pick up group) available to join every night.


Counter-Strike: Thursday & Friday 7pm
League of Legends
: Monday & Tuesday 7pm, Saturday 4pm
DOTA 2: Sunday 5pm
Hearthstone / Heroes of the Storm: Wednesday 7pm



Scenario for League PUG:
apply for any of the five positions online, get accepted and put on the roster, come in at the agreed time (use forums or discord to organize carpools), quick meet and greet with the temporary PUG team, one player “creates the game” (normal or even ranked) and invites his new friends, from there they’ll be in a match making system, followed by the pick/ban phase when they’re matched with an opposing team, and then the game starts.

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